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Just started "Bibbing"

Just started "Bibbing"

I recieved my Bib hangar a couple of months ago…

I’ve used it about a dozen or so times. Funny thing is I’m having issues with weights above 10lbs. The hangar slips to the head and tries to slip past it, of course resulting in tons of pain.

I’ve tried tightening, etc but I’m having the same issue. I know that I’m not the only one, and that others have gotten past this through time and experience in getting the wrap right, and the hanger tighteness and alignment just right.

The current strategy I’m using is getting the back nuts adjusted so the back gap is similar to the front gap. Its still slipping too far for me to be comfortable.

The funny thing is in the last month and a half, I have reported a little more than .125” gains, when I had been stalled with months of extenders, multiple hours a day, pumping, clamping, multiplexed pump|clamp|extender, etc.

I believe that when I get the bib right and using weights in 12lb to 20lbs range I will get new gains from the ligs.

The other new strategy I’m using on my Static Stretcher is stretching to a known length for a period of time. Yoyototo mentioned this, stretching to a distance past his known good BPFSL in the hopes that it will change. I believe it will.

I don’t like to reply to my own posts. However I just started looking over the “Bib Wrap” post, here under the hanging forum. It appears the wrapping style is crutial into preparing the cock into a weight hanging implement. I believe after seeing this post, that a correct wrapping style is 1/2 of the battle in being able to hang with sufficient weight with comfort.

Yep. After reading your first post, I immediately had two questions
1-What is he wrapping with
2-Is he using a bib regular when he should have used the bib starter

*Try HTW as a base wrap, with theraband over it. Roll the HTW (hair tie wrap) on like a condom… Start the theraband at the point of your circumcision scar. Don’t wrap too tight, secure with scotch tape.

*Read up on the toe-in/ toe-out angles/ review all the hanger settings on bibs forum… make sure you set the hanger up correctly. Also, don’t forget to squeeze the blood out of your glans when you tighten the hanger.

Once you do all that, its really unlikely you’re going to have slippage—and if you do, report back ;)

Side note: the only way you’ll have slippage issues with HTW + Theraband is if you’re not making the hanger tight enough or you’re using a very funky toe-in/ toe-out set up with too much of an angle. I am suggesting theraband because you can easily use a longer piece to create a thicker attachment point for the bib hanger. And if you have a HTW underneath, you should still be relatively comfortable.. once you adjust.

Also—you might want to slow down on adding weight until you’re an experienced hanger. Maybe PE is old for you, but it sounds like hanging is new. Give yourself a month to adjust to attachment point stress & to really learn to get your attachment point settings just right.

I’m using a bib starter. The wrap wasn’t tight enough.

After seeing the post, I made the wrap tight enough to constrict the diameter of the shaft being wrapped. The weight doesn’t really slide anymore, used 7.5lbs comfortably. I will go up later. However its funny, I have some new growth after 2 years of PE, and believe its going to be this way for a couple of months.

I will implement the exact wrapping style that Bib showed in the illustration. There will be no reason to add more than 2lbs a week.

Previously I was using an extender that can do just over 10lbs of tension…

BTC, is also key for getting the lig gains, it makes a noticeable difference.

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