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Just how long should it be

Just how long should it be

I have a hard time making the “TIME” you cats put into it. I am just wondering if I am wasting my time only hanging for 30 - 40 minutes (excluding the Rest time) and jelqing for 10 minutes. I also like to pump it while I’m in the shower (5 -10 min). I get bored after awhile. My personality works best for me when I kill something for a short amount of time and go.. Working out my body. I work as hard as humanly possibly for 30 minutes and go home. I don’t sleep in the gym like some dudes. But it works for me. Can I do a high intensity pe workout, or is it this slow methodical workout that i am stuck with. If you can hang 15 lbs. for 60 minutes can I hang 25 lbs for 15 minutes and get what I want. Can I horse440 for 8 minutes instead of jelqing for 20 minutes, and achieve good results. .

sorry guys I didn’t read dino’s post

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