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Just hanging?


JT said:
“Maybe you’re right, Bigger. I also think that the hours of hanging (including night hanging) are what makes the difference.”

night hanging ????? Don’t tell me you’re hanging while you sleep now?? LOL Tell me more…..

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Hey Stick

Bigger told me that he always got in an additional set or two at night before going to bed. This was on top of his 5-7 hours of hanging per day. I thought about this for a long while and found that, although I can rarely hang at night (I hang during the day at work), I am able to use an experimental stretcher for an hour every night before bed. I have seen good results from this and I truly believe that this is what is going to take me to the level of really big dicks (like Bigger and DLD). However, since my wife told me that anything more than 9 inches nbp will end our sex life, I am going to go for the last inch npb and then go on maintenance. I expect that I will be 10 inches bpel at that time. Since Bigger is 10.5 bpel, I think that I will have achieved something extaordinary to be within a half inch of him. I never would have believed it could happen. Without Bigger, I would have never gotten to where I am now.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


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