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just got the bib hanger

just got the bib hanger

I had one question I been doing jelqing and stretching for 6 months im 7.50 now bpel and 6 eg any I don’t know how many set should I do and for how long I know I can start with 5-10 pounds any advice from bib hangers would be great I just need length to go up to 8.5 and I be happy

I experimented with the bib hanger over the summer, but have since gone back to manual exercises. I started with 1 pound weights. Everyone is different, but never start with more than 5. NEVER add more than 1 pound per week and NEVER EVER do a set longer than 20 minutes, unless you want your dick to fall off. :)

Other than that, read as much information on hanging as you can (The Hanging forums here are great as well as Bibs website).
Start Here: Hanging 101 + Sample Routine

Oh, by the way, your dick is already huge, my goal actually.

Have a look at a bibs forum too. The norm seems to be 6x20 minute sets a day. I find 2-3 sets more than enough for me to reach fatigue at the moment but that’s using 16 pounds, I won’t up the weight until I reach 6 sets. I’m new to the bib myself but have had one for years, I struggled with wrapping until recently and now I’ve got it right I’m loving it and can’t believe the fatigue I’m getting. I would recommend starting with 5 pounds and working on perfecting your wrap for a while, 1-2 sets a day at maybe 10 mins each, just try to get your dick used to hanging weights off it for now.

Thanks for the great advice

I just got mine today as well and love it. I wish I had bought one months ago !

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