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just got my bib starter, have a question or two

just got my bib starter, have a question or two

So when I put the hanger on I have two concerns which I hope aren’t really something to be concerned about.

1)My dick get smushed together when it’s in the hanger. Hard to describe, imagine that your dick is flaccid and you smush the sides together so it gets taller and much thinner, is this ok? should my dick be normal looking in the hanger but just stretched out instead? if so how do I fix?

2)I’m having very much trouble keeping the head straight in the hanger. Presently it is twised I guess almost 90 degrees. What I mean is, when I look down at the hanger the shaft is straight going into the hanger, but the glans is 90 degrees off. is this bad and if so how do i fix?

thanks to all who help me

1) Your dick should be “mushed” looking in the hanger. It needs to be tight enough to hold the weight/tension. The thing to keep an eye on is head/glans color and temperature. Some discoloration is normal but if it becomes cold and darkish blue, stop hanging immediately and get your blood flowing properly again. Hanging sets should never go past 20 minutes and normal color should return to the head/glans after a few minutes.

2) Twisting is an issue. If you search the forums for twisting you’ll see its been brought up many times. Getting the wrapping just right as well as tightening the hanger just right takes practice. A little twisting is acceptable IMO, 90 degrees is too much. Be careful as you tighten the wing nut on the hanger as sideways pressure can be applied while doing so. If you’re always twisting the same way, you might be able to cheat a little in the opposite direction.

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