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just got bib starter hanger

just got bib starter hanger

I ordered the bib starter on tuesday morning, recieved it today….Great service….Within the first set I got over my fear of hanging. I am going to be doing seated between the cheeks hanging primarily, since I’m a writer I can type on the computer and hang at the same time. I feel good about it already, since when I write my obsessive mind usually drifts to thoughts of PE or I should be stretching, or jelging. Today I hung while I wrote and the time flew by, and I got more writing done then usual. I believe the hanging is going to work.


That all sounds really great. Might I suggest you pick up a wind-up timer so that you do not go over 20 minutes per set? If you really get into your writing, you might go over.

Let us know how it goes.



Take Bib’s advice. I used to hang when I wrote (I spend a great deal of my time writing—er, typing—and I know from personal experience that you can forget what’s going on. The tip of my glans looked like a small blue gumball, and was as cold as a witch’s tit when I remembered that I had weights hanging from my penis. It took several days for the coloring to return to normal.

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I have a Sony-Ericsson T610. It has a very useful countdown feature that lets you know when your set is up! Then I usually set it for the number of minutes I wish to take a break for.

I think I might knock up a program to do the same when I’m at my computer.

So you may wish to investigate what you have in the house that you can use to time yourself.

>I think I might knock up a program to do the same when I’m at my computer.

Good idea. Please post it if you do. Last time I looked, I couldn’t find a simple countdown timer program that beeps when the time runs out.

Excellent find, fortex. This is exactly what I needed.

I lengthened the warning sound and used it for the alarm. Now I get about 15 seconds of beeping when time runs out instead of a single bomb going off. My speakers go to sleep after a period of inactivity, but the longer sound gives them plenty of time to wake up.

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