Just Git Bib Hanger

Well, I did it. I just purchased a Bib Hanger and plan on beginning Monday. For the last two years I have been clamping, not that concerned with length (almost 7” Bone Pressed) but since most guys gain length and about 1/2 inch in girth by hanging, I thought, “If I can get both, I’ll go for it!” By the way, I got in it three days from order! Thanks Bib!

I plan on keeping detailed records of hours spent etc….and will report back in 4-6 months, hopefully with a report of gains. My penis is pretty tough since I have been clamping and some jelqing for the last two years, but I will be careful. I am going to try using 5lb at first, but will go back to 2 1/2 if it feels like too much. I know my time will allow for at least 3-20 minute sets each day, but I will try for more.

I am really getting excited about the possibity of length. My goal is 8-8 1/2”. I think this is realistic from what I have read.