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Jelqing required when hanging?

If I am hanging do I still have to jelq? My unit seems to be responding extremely well to stretching of any kind. But it bruises up with the slightest jelq. I don’t want to end up with a unit like that famous black adult movie star with a 16 inch long 5 inch round penis, lol. Also to avoid talking to the freaks in the LOT forum who confuse their explanations, Is it safe to say that if my unit touches my stomach when erect that there is tons of internal penis?

I have made gains of 1/4” in two weeks (6” x 5”). I just scalded my penis (literally) and hung 10 pounds on it for 2 hours a day. I want my PE to occur fast. I don’t want to end up like those PE addicted dudes who have been members here for 10 years, reached their maximum gains and now are just ripping their tunicas out of their abdomens, YOUCH! My problem is baby nuts. My old Russian warehouse manager made fun of the guys with baby nuts. If a large penis is a sign of virility than big nuts are a sign of what.a high sperm count? I’ve always felt a slight pain of constriction on my genitals when I wear BVD underwear which is probably why my nuts are under developed. So I switched. I just pretend that my nuts haven’t dropped yet, it helps me feel better. Marty Scorcese should make a movie called ” The Undescended” starring me and a bunch of 5th graders imitating Leo Dicaprio and Mark Walhberg.

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The only REQUIRED jelqing would be light-jelqing to enhance bloodflow and circulation between sets and after the session. This kind of jelqing would never give you bruising.

You should reconsider your attitude towards PE in terms of time. Of course it is tempting to achieve easy gains and be finished with PE after a month, but you have to deal with reality.

If you are in a hurry and believe you are gonna reach your goals in 1 month, you will probably a) injure yourself badly, b) burn out after a short time and give up all PE while losing your uncemented gains, or c) a good combination.

And who the hell care about your old Russian warehouse manager? I certainly don`t and you shouldn`t either:)

Inquiring, posting the same question in multiple threads should be avoided. Thanks!


If you don’t have, or want to commit the time for proper PE, seriously don’t carry on.
As rushing things may lead to injuries minor or serious.

You have only joined, I joined nearly a year ago and have had great gains.
I won’t be PEing in 10 years time, but it’s a long term commitment and I have given myself another few years.

Besides it’s enjoyable, well I think it is.

I definitely agree with what guys have posted about the time requirements.

Aside from possible newbie gains, 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch per month hanging gains are the norm. This is of course while putting in the all required time (10 hours a week or so minimum)

Goals are good around the PE world just like anywhere I think, but don’t focus on that measurement. Focus on what you have to do today to see it eventually and interpret your success based on that. There are probably many improvements you can make to your technique, studying you can do, etc.

To answer your question directly, as Renholder said, you really only HAVE to jelq in between sets to restore that bloodflow. You can try a combined jelqing and hanging program, but from my experience and what a lot of guys say, the tenderness and discomfort of hanging after jelqing far outweights the benefit. You’d be better off just hanging at maximum comfortability. Also, expanding girth preceding length makes length that much more difficult to achieve. Your mileage may vary, of course.

If your erection touches your stomach, I’d imagine you could gain a lot by lig stretch. That’s the BTC position.


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