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Is two days off in a row preferable?

Is two days off in a row preferable?

I hang 5 days a week(Monday and Friday off), is it preferable to put the off days two days in a row or is that of no significance? I`m thinking perhaps two days of recovery is good, but that also means two days with no stretch.

Any ideas?


I usually had Sat and Sun off because of privacy concerns. Sometimes I would sneak in a few sets at night or when alone on the weekend. Also, toward the end of the week, I would push it somewhat, knowing that I had recovery time coming. If I happened to not get too much work in before the weekend, I would surely try to hang some on the weekend.

Had I had the opportunity to do it differently, I would have hung until I reached total fatigue, and then taken a day or two off. IOW, it does not make sense that your penis will follow some arbitrary schedule based on the days of the week. In the best case, you should simply listen to what your unit tells you, and react accordingly.

You might hit a fatigue stage, hanging at lower weights, and be able to ride that thing for a couple weeks straight, making great progress. Or you might have a particularly grueling day, and need to take the next day off. You see?


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