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Is this stretcher any good?

Is this stretcher any good?

I’m brand new to the board and was wondering what you guys think of The “Apollo Lengthener” found here and how about the power-jelq found at Also where can I buy the bib hanger you guys are talking about.

Welcome mvr1256!

I’ve not seen this particular brand of circle device before and, at $139.95, I’m not likely to try it! You can obtain the same “benefits” at a fraction of the price by buying a sturdy padlock and clipping around your penis - on the boards this is known as a Biker’s Hanger. The extra “free” information (which you have to spend money to get - doesn’t seem very “free” to me), is probably of more benefit if it involves jelqing and stretches, which I would guess it probably does. You will find all of that here for free, i.e. the “free” that doesn’t actually cost you any money! :)

The Powerjelq is popular and we have quite a few threads relating to this device. Click the “Search” button at the top right of the screen and type in Powerjelq - you’ll get lots of results and heaps of information ranging from unbelievable to disappointing - read them all to get the best advice!

Happy reading and great to have you aboard!

lil1 :littleguy

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