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Is this right?

Is this right?

Should hanging cause great pain by stretching the skin to where it feels like tearing? I used the captains wench and cable clamp “tightened very tight”. I used 5 lb of weight, which I thought I had read was about right. I hung for 15 minuets, jelqed for 5 rested for 10, then hung again with 5 lb for 20 minuets. By this time I thought my skin would split, I felt nothing on my dick but a little pressure. I have been doing PE for about two months, and pumping for the last two and a half weeks, In which my wife has noticed the gains “or thats what she keeps saying”.Until further notice I think I will continue with the pumping.

A stretch in time grows it to nine!!!


1: How are you wrapping?

2: Are you completely flaccid?


I am wrapping with cotton cloth and an ace bandage (the sticky kind); I’m wrapped tight from glands to base.

Yes, I am completely flacid.

A stretch in time grows it to nine!!!

Originally Posted by tps
Try pulling as much skin as possible between the hanger and your body as possible. I get my hanger mostly tight and just before the last couple clicks I can pull some skin through the hanger towards the base which minimizes skin stretch.

I did try to pull as much skin as possible close to the base.

A stretch in time grows it to nine!!!


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