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Is there anyone not seeing gains from using the Bib hanger?

Is there anyone not seeing gains from using the Bib hanger?

I want to know if there is anyone upset that they are not seeing gains. Or it is 100% guaranteed that it would work.


I personally know of at least a couple or three who hung fairly consistantly for six months or better and did not see gains. One may have started to gain after that six months.

I believe SS4jelq has not gained anything at last report. Also, Tex or Trex, can’t remember which right now.

Hanging is surely NOT guaranteed to produce length gains. Further, the Bib is only a tool, not magic. It simply allows the users to apply stresses, usually comfortably, while you are able to do other things. That’s it.


Ligs of Iron

I’m a very slow gainer—and it’s fatigueing the ligs that I have difficulty in achieving.

But I’m sticking with it, as I now have the setup to do it properly. I have been forgetting to kegel whilst hanging, and I now think that this will help change that “iron” to something more permanently stretchable

Finding the regime that works for the individual is the secret, I believe.

There is a lot in this art/ science.

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No gains

Yeah….I haven’t seen much progress either. The hanger is a great design though. I gotta give it to Bigger for the design and comfort. I got the best results from jelqing though (about 2 inches). I might start alternating between the two to see what happens.

No Gains


I’ve been hanging only since March, at which time I got my first BIB starter. I’ve gained nothing to date. However, repeat however, I have found after many hours of hanging that I had been using the incorrect technique. First, I had been hanging BTC only. Secondly, I was only increasing my hanging weight, rather than hanging while in fatigue. Only within the last month have I discovered that I apparently wasn’t stretching what I believe are the suspensory ligs, only the fundiform. The ligs I wasn’t stretching can easily be felt by placing your fingers at the underside of the base of the penis, then with the other hand pull lightly on the penis and rotate it through a complet circle.

I’m completely “sold” on the BIB as the best means to accomplish it’s job. Bigger has certainly designed a masterpiece( I have both anticipating Bigger and better “things”)

After incorperating straight out, OTL, and stretches I can already “feel” a difference, being sure that I hang into the fatigued time period.


Hey Surfer, BIB, etc.

Based on what you guys are saying, and I think Hairy Guy touched on it a little in his angle post, their has to be away to “prescribe” certain angles based on the physical make-up of our penis structures for best gains.

To compare, how in weightlifting there is no such thing as a “hard gainer” but perhaps that individual is not doing the proper training that enduces the correct stimulus to growth.

In similar fashion, a personal trainer (in weightlifting) prescribes an individual workout plan/regimen based on the strengths and weaknesses of a trainee that bests suits that individual for gains.

There has to be a way one can do similar fashion with hanging????

I believe if one provides the necessary stimulus, hanging can benefit everyone.

Is it simply the angle of erection like in the Hairy Guy Post or do other ways exist??…….

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