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Is there anyone here that

Is there anyone here that

Has a lot of 8-9 and has gained 1+ inches by hanging around a year? I’m trying to find some motivation to start hanging (after several months of failure to gain length from stretching). My LOT is between an 8-9 and I just want to know if anyone has had these sorts of gains.

If anyone has, can you guys tell me your routine (from the beginning of hanging to now). My unit is small, and by small I mean about 5.5. I wish I had a monster cock that was like 8 inches and I would really love to achieve something in that ballpark (obviously not within a year).

Anyway, thanks in advance!

LOT, in my opinion, is not an accurate predictor of gains. Also, 8-9 is actually a relatively high LOT, so you’re in good shape even if I’m wrong.

If stretching has gotten you nowhere, the problem may be your technique or just the condition of your tissues. Before switching to hanging, I would first make sure I was making good use of heat. A hot bath, hot wrap, or infrared lamp (out of the tub!) can really help hasten your progress.

Try holding your stretches for at least 2 minutes. Use enough force to feel slight discomfort but no pain.

Promote good circulation. Add jelqing to your routine, if it’s not there already.

Why do you think your stretching has not been effective? Do you suspect a problem with your technique? Also, what is your current erect girth?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

My current erect girth is also 5.5 inches. I’m happy with my girth which is why I don’t do any jelqing. I find jelqing extremely uncomfortable and I’m really only going for length. I know 7 inches long and 5.5 around is small for some guys on this board but that is my dream size!

IMO you can gain more the 1” a year if you prevent healing in the relaxed state. The only way to do that is to use an ADS between hanging sessions. Healing is counter productive. On the one hand your trying to bust your ligs and then on the other guys will allow enough time for them to heal and toughen up. Wrong wrong wrong. Keep those ligs stretched with a little weight and they will continue to stretch. Let them heal and your done.

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Hey Monty, what do you mean by ADS?

ADS= all day stretcher/stretching. Do a search on ADS.

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