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Is my skin being stretched "too fast"??

Is my skin being stretched "too fast"??

The last day or two the skin on the underside of my penis from under the glans, running about 1.5” back is dry and somewhat ‘cracked’. I’ve been using skin moisturizer to help relieve this but, it is still dry and itchy! Is the skin being stretched “too fast” or what? Anyone else experienced/experiencing this?

Ah yes old wise one! I will do so!

Careful, SWM. Thunder might beat you with his cane.



Darklin Sithas


Ahem, thats young grasshoppa to you sir ;) . Yea duh, I knew Vitamin E is better than ‘moisturizer’. I’ve just been out of the hanging circle for so long on a personal level that my common sense has yet to fully return.

Hay still….
I had a sort of similar problem a while back, that’s still with me.

It happened to me from using the uli thing too intensely. I got big raised purple blotchy bruises. These bruises faded slowly and in a few days turned into scabs(!)

Once the scabs all peeled off, they left 2-3 pinky-fingernailish sized dryish patches. They’ve been with me for weeks n weeks. I havent been treating them especially well, but I will see if I can get my hands on some vitamin E type stuff.

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