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Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

Hi guys,

So I’ve had a recent occurrence in my career where I will be working remotely for the next 1.5 to 2 months. I’ve read about the benefits of hanging, but never had enough free time where it was worth it to purchase the equipment and execute. Now I will have hours in front of the computer per day in a private setting for at least 1.5 months. Are the benefits worth purchasing the equipment knowing this may all change in a couple months? A little about me if you need it to answer my question. I’m not necessarily a newbie, and have been PEing on and off for a little over 4 years. Gained an inch in length to be 7 BPEL and a half inch of girth to be a little over 5.25 MSEG. Used to do the newbie routine, slowly increasing, where I saw most of my gains but I changed it up as of recent. Routine is as follows:

2 days on 1 day off

Day 1:
5 minute bathmate warmup
About 10 minutes total of stretching
About 10 minutes total of jelqing (80 jelqs 3 seconds per jelq but really putting a lot of emphasis in to each one)
shower cooldown

Day 2:
5 minute bathmate warmup
20 jelqs
5 minute intense bathmate session
20 jelqs
50 minute intense bathmate session
20 jelqs
5 minute intense bathmate session
20 jelqs
shower cool down

If I were to use the hanger I would use basically the same routine, but replace the stretching in day 1 with a hanging routine, and still jelq after.

Thank you

I wouldn’t do it.

I followed a routine where I had to build up sets and weight. Just learning the feedback from your body and proper technique takes time. It might take you a month or many more to get to a weight and amount of time that will actually provide you with gains.

I would say no to any routine, manuals or equipment that had such a rushed timetable. Putting arbitrary time deadlines can lead to recklessness that can get you hurt.

Now if you could create spare time for the next few years, I would absolutely recommend hanging. You might even get the results you want in just a month and a half. However, that would be the extremely rare exception.

Might as well continue with your current routine and add to it if needed.

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I used to do manuals for about 2 years and gained around 0.7” in length from it. Then, I switched to hanging and gained another 1.5” BPFSL.

I think hanging is a good and a stable way of growing(or stretching). But don’t forget about manual stretching as it could still give you Corpus Cavernosum/glands gains which you are not going to get from hanging.

Hanging heavy weights could cause injury if one is not conditioned to such weights. Before you decide to go heavy, you need to go through a conditioning process of slowly building up weights to the point when you feel comfortable. So, please take it slowly and pay attention to your wrapping technique.

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