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Is It Possible To Grow Just From Hanging


Originally Posted by iamaru

For the newer guys that don’t know all of our PE jargon; he means that he has been hanging in church!

Isn’t that what everybody goes to church for?

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Originally Posted by UpTo7
One year of conditioning for hanging seems a little excessive. I’ve been doing PE for nearly 8 months now and I feel more than ready to start hanging. I do 35 minutes of manual stretching per session (5 times a week).

I think it’s generally accepted that once you’ve done the newbie routine for 2-3 months, you can start hanging conservatively. Some people just want to hang really early; there’s nothing wrong with that. However, the veterans are always encouraging newbies to keep doing the newbie routine until they stop gaining. I was not one of those newbies who followed that advise; I just jumped into hanging as soon as I could. Personally, that’s just what I wanted to do…

8 months is more than enough time, you can start hanging especially if you feel ready.


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