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Is hanging the way to go for me?

Is hanging the way to go for me?

Hello I’m a newbie. Right now all I care about is length (erect and flaccid) that is what I’m focused on. I’m going to be doing the newbie routine (maybe without the jelqs, or the jelqs for a month) for the whole summer, this will condition my penis and also hopefully spark some of those newbie gains.I started the routine a few days ago. When I get back to college I will have a single room. Besides going to classes, eating, sleeping and working out, I have all the time in the world to do all things PE. (I wish i had found this site a year earlier, cause I had a single last year too). Anyway, I can easily do studying in my room and do it while hanging etc. I really really want gains, and for the really huge gainers i recall many many people saying that guys such as Bib basically arranged their lives around PEing. I am willing and ready to do this.

Now I’ve been looking at these static stretchers and I’ve been looking at hanging and realizing how much free time I will have I’m trying to decide which option is best. Mbuc seems to be getting some good results with his suckxtender. But there havent been proven results with people using it for hours a day for at least 6 months.

So I am leaning towards hanging. Do you guys think this is the right way to go

I hope you’ll reconsider your approach. As a college student, you should not, IMO, arrange your life around PE. There are simply too many more important things for you to be doing. Your dick will not grow overnight. Even if you put in hours of hanging the way Bib did, there is no guarantee you will see the results he did. 99% of people don’t. I personally hanged for hours each day and never gained.

Look at the alternatives. You can focus your efforts on studying, getting laid, making friends that you will keep for life, and developing other satisfying social relationships. Or, you can focus your efforts on working out your dick, which might or might not grow.

Dude, this is a no-brainer. Get the most out of college and work PE into your schedule when you can. Try to be consistent, but please don’t spend more than 1 hour a day on it. Your time now is simply too precious and you’ll never get it back.

There will be lots of time after graduation to hang weights from your dick.

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IMO static stretchers are good for flaccid hang, but are not going to give you real erect gains. Some say that power stretching works, but I’ve gone to straight hanging because power stretching wears me out too quickly (and actually, I started to get a callous at the top of my head). So I would say start with the power stretching (which you probably should be doing now as a part of your jelqing routine, nothing significant, just a few pulls every now and again) and if it doesn’t seem to be causing the kinds of strain you want to put on your dick (only you can know that), go to hanging. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

Like ModestoMan said, though, don’t let it interfere with your studies, but I’m a proponent of “PE obsession” and I say, it can’t hurt, if you know and learn your limits.

I’ve gained a cm BPFSL (bone pressed flaccid stretched length) since I started hanging (not even two weeks ago), I guess I’m one of the lucky 1%.

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

Originally Posted by r.a.g.
IMO static stretchers are good for flaccid hang, but are not going to give you real erect gains.

An opinion I’ve also developed. Would be good to hear from a vet, or anyone with concrete results, that disagrees with this.

Originally Posted by r.a.g.
I’ve gained a cm BPFSL (bone pressed flaccid stretched length) since I started hanging (not even two weeks ago), I guess I’m one of the lucky 1%.

Congratulations, r.a.g.

I didn’t mean to suggest that only 1% gained, but rather that 1% (or fewer) see the kind of results that Bib saw. Gains of 1” from hanging are not unusual, but gains of 3” or more are extremely rare.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Good advice here swbb.

Let me add a bit: Integrating PE into your life as a college student shouldn’t be too difficult. In my opinion you would be spending your PE time wisely by dividing your available time between 1) training and 2) reading about the ways in which you believe your PE journey will evolve. This will serve two purposes, 1) keep you from over-doing your training and 2) train your mind so that it knows how to apropriately direct your hands in your dick re-formation process.

Know this, with regard to PE, time is what you make of it, either your ally or your foe. How you choose your PE training determines which version of time you will encounter at any given point in your PE career. In general, with PE, when working smarter, time is one’s ally, when working harder, it is one’s foe. When we are anxious for gains, we tend to work harder not smarter. Don’t fall into this trap, it is not easy to extricate oneself from it.

With regard to manual, newbie style work, strive to find your “sweet spot” for frequency and volume. Strive to hit that “sweet spot” in your PE training. Identifying it will take experimentation. In general, a loss of pliablity and a loss of “responsiveness” will be your best indicators of a surpassed “sweet spot”. Once identified, use the departure from “sweet spot” conditions as the signal to end your session.

It is almost certain that, for now, you can be more efficient with gains from some version of the newbie routine than you can with hanging.

In the context of this mindset, I would suggest to you that less work now (do a progressively SLOWLY increasing intensity newbie routine…skip hanging for now) coupled with research will likely serve you well when (a long time from now, we all hope) you find that you NEED to work harder in order to see further gains. Due to your research over your LONG and SLOW PE training, you will now be a fucking Jedi Master of PE and will be calm in the knowledge that your requisite increased work load is comprised more of ‘working smarter’ than ‘working harder’.

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I have to agree with MedestoMan. There is only so much time in life and to spend your collage free time cooped up with weights and wraps and just stuff not to mention thought time. I would discourage anyone that has a normal size dick to spend your time developing relationships and getting an education. If you find someone that would be an eternal partner, that person won’t care if you hung or not and if they do then run. I wouldn’t worry about your exercises in PE except perhaps Jelq’s and manual stretching until after your married. Then you will have a woman who would be appreciative even though almost all women will try to convince you that your OK the way you are. If you were to gain big time now and you go into any relationship where will you go in the future? I wouldn’t be in a big hurry for gains at your age. Personality gains are far more advantageous then a big dick. After all if your going gain a big dick so you can be promiscuous then you’re playing with dynamite and your chances of finding a really good relationship is lessoned anyway.

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