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is hanging right out of the gate too ambitious?

is hanging right out of the gate too ambitious?

I will post my proposed newbie routine on the other “main” forum, but I am only focusing on length. So, I think it will be a combination of 30 second static DLD stretches, JAI’s, and I was thinking hanging could be beneficial too(even if only for half the days I PE maybe if ed is too much)

I can afford to make my own or do the BIB, but I am just wondering if hanging right out of the box might be jumping the gun. Again, I really just am looking for length, 1” in 2003 would be fabulous! I manual stretch really hard, but hanging conceptually seems to me like it would be the primo length gainer. thanks for the advice and is my focus/goals too centered or ambitious? I guess I should maybe care about girth, but I am good there, and need length.

6.5 bp x 5.5 eg

8 nbp x 6 eg


Well, long ago, ‘97-‘98, hanging was the thing. When guys came on the original PEforums, they found hanging using Tom Hubbards methods and a little about jelqing. That was about it. So, everyone pretty much started out hanging that had the privacy.

I started from day one only hanging. It all depends on the stress levels. You can put as much or more stress on your penis using manual methods than with hanging. But how do you know? The key is starting slow, and then working up in stress. This goes for either manual stretching or hanging.

In the past, I have recommended starting with manual techniques, and then graduating to hanging if you wish. Depending on your mindset, how obsessed you might become, manual might be safer in the beginning. If you are controlled, nothing wrong with starting out hanging. But some guys do go up in weight too fast.

If you have other things to do while hanging, you can’t beat it. With privacy and the time, sitting around surfing or watching TV, studying (heh), reading, whatever, you can really do well without any actual time lost. Manual techniques require at least a bit of concentration and dedicated time. It really depends on your situation.

BTW, many guys have gained an inch or more within a year.


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