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Is hanging lighter a waste?


If you don’t feel like making a post, PM it to me. I’d really appreciate that.

After messing around with it a bit I can get the shaft in straight and the screw doesn’t seem like so much of a problem. My first impression was that if the top screw was a quarter inch longer it would make it a little easier to get the Bib on/off.

Also, I took some pics last night on my phone of my Bib in use. However, they are too big to post and I have no computer to resize them with. if someone is willing to resize them for me, I’ll email them.

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This forum has to take a step into the future. Come on, everyone is using cell phones nowadays. Wink, wink!

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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Yea right, Thunder. Lol.

Definitely didn’t think that would be the case in this day and age but good to hear you’re free and clear of bullshit.


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