You may see some quick newbie gains. The wisdom of the vets is that you need to develop a sense for what “fatigue” feels like and then try to stay in that groove as long as possible. Comfortable hanging is probably not very effective and may just make your penis stronger instead of longer.

At first you may experience skin stretch (soreness/sunburn feeling) and possible interpret it as fatigue. In a short time you will work through that. To me fatigue is like an ache in your muscles. I have found that manual stretching while fatigued seems to relieve some of the fatigue so that serious hanging can be resumed. A good warmup hang at about half max is a great way to start. I know that I am getting into the fatigue zone if I my penis retracts a little the next day. Manual stretching seems to relieve that retraction forces. I also take aspirin almost every day.

I am a very hard gainer after gaining an inch over 2 years. I hang in the 15 to 20 lb range, 8 to 10 hrs a week. I am close to being able to increase the weight and time. I feel like I am am now getting into a range that may begin to produce more consistent results.

Good luck and be careful. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.