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Is anyone have try or mastering the AFB hanger ?

Is anyone have try or mastering the AFB hanger ?

I want to know if anyone has try a AFB hanger type or has mastering it ?

‘cause I use one but I have some wrapping problem !

Is anyone have some usefull tips for me to use it ?

I have/did use it

Yazid, I used it and had no problems with it at all. Are you having wrapping problems or problems with the hanger??

You do have to get wrapping down to properly use *any* hanger. Sort of like you have to have the right size sock on to be able to wear a certain size shoe. Eh, kinda related but whatever.

Let us know more specifically what the issue is. The AFB works fine up to a point.

I just have some slidding problem and I think I don’t want to compress too much the shaft with the AFB hanger for resolve slidding and add gripp . If I wrapp with a lot layers , I know it will slid and If I wrapp with less layer , it will hurt too much directly the penis , so …?

The problem is the hanger is too much near the head when I hang(slidding) and it compress too much head skin and nerves near the head !

What means :”the AFB works fine up to a point ” ?

Are you having some good plans for me for build the BEST AFB hanger ?

Hello Yazid,

I have a solution to your problem! Order a Bib hanger and forget about the AFB. I made and used several AFB hangers, and while they worked OK, I didn’t like the way that they smashed my penis. The Bib hanger solves all of these problems.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Jelktoid is right. The Bib hanger is your best solution. Especially if you feel you were hurting your penis. I never felt that way at all, though. I also attached it farther up the penis (away from the glans) than it sounds like you are doing.

I guess what I am saying is (assuming you simply *can’t* afford a Bibhanger - and if you are at all serious about hanging for a longterm growth routine, you should get one): the AFB can be made to work for light weights, but you have to work around with it.

What I meant was that it becomes a problem at higher weights because you *do* have to really crank it down, which is just too much with it’s design. The Bibhanger doesn’t have these types of drawbacks.

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