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Is 30 mins per day on medium weight too little?


Some girls’ ears have been elongated by the habit of wearing big earrings. I keep seeing this phenomenon in many girls and it really gives me the motivation to keep putting a weight on my dick and wear it for as long as I can. I know that weights induce cell growth and when I doubt I just go back with my memory to one of those many girls with large holes done by the hearings. Being convinced, the only problem is to understand how much weight to apply and I believe the right answer is, enough to start being uncomfortable after few hours (like a girl who to take off her hearings): that is my concept of fatigue. Of course every dick is different, the fatter the dick, the bigger must the weight be. My reasoning is: if had a 5% increase in length with a certain weight, but I get no further increase, I must increase the weight by 5% to get another 5% increase. ADS work, if they weight about 2 pounds and you wear them 8 hours per day, and may even make one gain a full inch in a year. Thus, if one wants to limit the time of work out to one hour only, which is one eighth of the that time, he must hang about 16 pounds for an hour every day, to get the same results.

Is 30 mins per day on medium weight too little?

Maybe not for someone getting their newbie gains.

However, I know for a fact that 30 minutes at 10 - 12.5 lbs would not give me gains.

I am past the easy gains phase. It is all hard work from here on out.

I am hanging 13.5 lbs for 90 minutes per day average.

Sorry if this bursts anyones bubble.


According to my logic 30 mins per day would only work with about 32 pounds, but that would lead most people to the hospital before the end of the first session

If you want to be on the safe side, something around 10 hours hang time per week at 15 pounds should do a good job. Join my thread ‘best ways of hanging - some ideas’, if you like


Later - ttt


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