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Intervals between Bib Hanger sets- 10 minutes mandatory?!


Good. Try the single Theraband strip. Much less of a hassle than two strips of wrap.
Use a tiny bit of talcum powder if the wrap is sticking to your skin.
This will also allow you to pull back the excess skin (or wrinkles) under the wrap before you tighten up.

>”when a set is finished, there is always a bulge on the right side of my unit”<

Is it like a bubble, or a blister? And it goes away after 2-3 hours?
If it is, it probably means you need to adjust wrap and/or hanger placement.
Try starting your wrap a little lower, that will place the hanger lower down the shaft as well.
As I moved up in weight, I’ve had to start the wrap just below my circ scar instead of just above the circ scar. The difference is about 1/4”, but minor adjustments like that can make a world of difference.

Also, the first revolution of the wrap is crucial. It must be perpindicular and never too tight. After the first revolution you can start to snugly spiral down the shaft.

Guiri’s thread
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mm’s thread
There are more, do a search for “hanging pics” in the Member Pics forum.
I don’t know of any pics posted of the Wench in action.

BTC is great, just set up a comfortable chair where can slouch way down. You’ll need to put two stools or two kitchen chairs a few feet in front of you to prop your feet upon for comfort. Para Goomba would be more comfy if he had two stools in front of him so he could spread out his legs further.

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Hey Ramrod,

Well, I tried the single strip of Thera with the hanger..3 times, but it seemed to just want to ride up toward and a little over the head. I even went a hair farther toward the base and tightned the clamp pretty hard, still wanted to move forward, can’t figure that. That might-of happened before and is the reason I don’t use it now…don’t remember.

But, then I decided to try the ole 2- step wrap procedure again just to see the difference, and, I took your advice on getting the hanger tighter.
I put on the wraps “loose” and put on the hanger, squeezed the blood from the head and went to almost last click with the clamp. Put on the weight, waited a minute to stetch out, then went for the last it!

Goods news is after the 1st set NO “indian sunburn” at all!!
2nd set, same thing.
3rd set, same thing.

You were right I just needed to overcome my fear of cranking down the clamp and now happy to say the slippage is gone! Also, the bulge on the right side of my unit..wasn’t there…yeah!!! That had me worried.

There was little soreness in the skin compared to the other day, what a diffference. WOW. It was just slippage causing the skin to bunch up ahead of the hanger but I’m glad I’ve got that licked. With that last click I really feel the hanger on the internals.

Blood in the head is still there but to a lesser degree I think, wasn’t as bad this session as the others. I need to work on that some more.

Ok, I see your point about moving the hanger back a little further as you move up in weight..makes good sense.
And I understand about keeping the first revolution of wrap loose and the rest a little more snug as I go down. I can see why.

Thanks for the pic’s/threads! I’ll read them all. Been a little busy last 2 days, need to get back to hanging and more learning.

I’m going to try BTC tomorrow. Sounds like it will give really different and incredible stretch..I’ll take all the good stretching I can get. Thanks for the instructions on it.

Good job, 9,

I also wanted to tell you another way to reduce the bulk of the CaptnHook’s Wench.
The second Wench I built is 7 1/2”L X 1 3/4”W.
I placed the hook strap in between the two halves of Velcro. Doing this eliminated the bulk of the extra Grippers; making the Wench very sleek and trim. I don’t have the option of adjusting the position of the strap
anymore, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

The adhesive they use for Industrial Grade Velcro is very strong. My Mini-Wench holds 10 lbs. no problem. May hold more but I never tested it.
If you make a MW, you probably have to go a little longer than 7.5”L because you’re using double wrap.

It takes some time to get used to new things like changing your wrap. You should try it again later.
For now, we should try to tackle the blood-in-head problem.

During a set, I periodically check my head out by feeling it.
I check for temperature and hardness.
Cool - Okay
Cold- Bad
Plump but squeezable - Okay
Hard as a rock - Bad

After a set, check out the color.
Purple* - Okay
Deep Purple (almost black) - Bad
White - Bad

*If normal color comes back within 1 minute after a set - everything is okay. If not, there’s a problem.

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Thanks Ramrod, coming from you that means a lot!

The mini wrench sounds like just the ticket. I’ve never had to reposition the straps on mine anyway so that’s not a problem. Besides, using the clamp, I feel, is added insurance in case of the thing wanting to come off or come apart during use, but I don’t ever see that happening with the wrench. That industrial strenth velcro is tough as nails!

Also, with it’s smaller size I could use the medium size clamp with it. I’m taking the large one to the very last tooth (click) which means I have no where else to go with that size clamp. Thanks for idea and instructions. I’m gonna make one :-) . I could take my time moving up in weight to say 10 lbs with it, maybe more, and have the other one as a back-up for heavier weight later on, I think.

BTW, I’ve had some time to go back and reread your post (put this thread in my favorites) and what you said about the best/real gains coming from heavy hanging, not from an ads so much, and now that does make sense to me cause I see your point. I wish I could hang twice a day but alas I guess I’ll take the slow road to gains. Besides my wife would kill me..but no doubt enjoy the results :-) .

Something else I’m thinking of doing just to help myself out with staying fatiqued as long as possible. I believe it was Vege77 that mentioned making a really small mini wrench to use with golf weights. I’ve been looking at Monty 530’s peweights and think, in my case due to my daily schedule, getting 3 or 4 of those and using the MW, or small clamp itself, just above the head to secure them with some wrap.
Hanging 2-3 lbs, 1 hr on, 1 hr off should keep me very fatiqued.

My current rig weighs a little less than that so I think it’s a sound idea and perhaps good investment. Not sure.

Yes, I will try the Theraband again. I do like the single wrap better, less hassle like you said, now that I can get that last tight click in it will work better, I’ll try!

Ok, by all means I need to get this blood thing worked out. I’m glad you’re will to help out as I’ve had a burning question to ask someone. Your answers almost nailed it. But here it is.

Since there is an X amount of weight being applied to the unit there is going to always be some degree of blood in the head? even though we do try and squeeze it out?
I mean, it’s always there when the weight is applied but I will go by your thoughts below as to how much and how bad.

Ok, yes, I check mine as well during a set.
My head gets cool but never really cold I’d say.
Most time hard as a rock seems like, plump..yes, after squeezing blood from the head even.. but after applying the weight, not before.

Color, purple, but not deep purple. I feel it’s still getting blood in there.
It’s never really leaning toward blackish purple and never white, I know the technicle term for the white color (seen it) but can’t remember.. that means no blood at all I believe??

Normal color does restore rather quickly with some massage and slapping on the thigh (not real sure about the 1 minute though). But I’d have to say yes.

Comment/question, I notice that after the set, there is a difference in color, just a shade difference, of the head. The difference seems to come from where the skin overlaps the head some and it appears a little frontal part of the head get pooched out a bit. Ijust take that to mean the weight is pushing the head out and causing this difference in color (shading), hope that makes sense. But is this normal? Do you get that as well.
I don’t think it’s anything dangerous but was wondering about it.

Well, here I went and wrote another book, sorry about the long post!
But really do appreciate all your help and advice. I’m getting there!!

I’m glad I can help.

First, in case there is any confusion. I meant that the strap is glued in between the the Velcro strips.
But you always need the *other* set of Grippers that take the pressure of the clamp.

That’s right, I believe that the tears in the micro fibers are caused by hanging an adequate amount of weight, and the ADS will keep a stretch on the ligs/tunica to heal the fibers in an elongated position.

There will always be blood in the head. There’s no way to squeeze it all out, nor is there a way to keep the blood from compressing towards the glans. That’s why it is important to get the wrap tightness, hanger tightness and hanger placement in perfect balance.

You want to avoid complete the cut-off of circulation. Another reason to move up slowly in weight is to condition the penis to get used the very low circulation from the hanger attachment.

Those things you describe happening to your head sound normal. Just beware of the hard-as-a-rock and the cold skin. It is a sure sign of zero circulation.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

Ok, I see what you mean about gluing in the it. I have another set of grippers I can use for the hanger. I bought the 4 pack of grippers at Lowes..glad I did now. Can’t wait to try it out, should be great.

Yes, I’ve been trying to stay stretched out, and healing, as much as I can but lately it hasn’t been easy. Missing stretch sessions (ads) makes me feel I’m falling behind and no gains will come from the effort. I can tell when I’ve had a good hang/stretch day, my little buddy turns into bigger buddy :-) . Trying to keep that going consistantly is really tough sometimes!

I have to say though, last 2 hanging sessions have been the best I’ve ever had! I made the 1st revolution of wrap pretty loose and kept the other spirals just snug like you said..made a big difference in head pressure, much better!

I’m also using the other techniques you offered and hanging is now a pleasure instead of having to worry about things like before.

Ok, yes, now i DO understand what you mean about a perfect balance to hang correctly, I really do! Hanging is a lot easier when you actually know how.

Ok, I’ll stay aware of circulation in my unit. Circulation is better now. I think, well 90% sure, I was wrapping to tight before and trapping blood in the head to begin with, hence blood pressure was just amplified by the weight. I can avoid that now, you’ve given me knowhow to correct these things!

Yes, I’ll watch out for the “hard rock head”. Last session didn’t notice that, it was plump, but not rock hard.

And thanks for clearing up my question regarding how much blood is suppose to be in the head, also head pressure, color and temp. Now I finally know what I’m dealing with!

I hung BTC last night and WOW!! That is one different kind of stretch. I had to lower the weight some but went for 15 min set! Really felt the stretch in the ligs that time. I’m gonna do it every session working up in weight and time (20) min.

Thanks again,


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