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Internal Structures...Bib?



Yes, you have it. This is about the same thing I tried to show in the wrapping drawings within the wrapping thread stuck at the top of the hangers forum.


Notice the one inch between the front of the wrap and the coronal ridge.


Notice as you pull the first couple of wraps forward to straighten the skin how it is right behind the head.


Now, in the third pic post, notice in the first drawing the one inch of space between the front of the wrap and the coronal ridge, after the wrapping has been completed. Then, in the second drawing, with the hanger attached and the weight applied, it moves toward the head, but there is an area of bunched shaft between the front of the hanger and the coronal ridge.

In those drawings, that is a big head BTW. Too much blood in there for my tastes.


5.5 and Bib,

That’s a pretty good illustration 5 provided, no? Why not use that as a reference image…it’s very simple and it does a great job of explaining things.

It’s the first time I’ve seen this matter visually described and it helps me understand it perfectly. Had I seen that from the get-go I never would have had any confusion about “shoulders” (maybe add a point about the front end of the hanger being attached 1” behind the coronal ridge in the drawing on the left?).

Maybe it should be featured with your wrap drawings Bib, or be placed somewhere it can easily be referenced. I think it has value.

Thanks 5! Nice work.


Thanks, Bib and Captn, for your replies.

I’m glad you liked my illustration, captn.
Do you experience this shoulders thing when you use your Wench?

I am experimenting around to build one, but no matter how hard I push the sides together(I use rubber for the 2”x1” rectangles) I don’t get this “shoulder” feeling. After attaching the weights, ALWAYS the skin slides down the shaft until it reaches the back side of the head and I don’t feel much of a stretch in the internal structures when attaching weight.(around 10 lbs)

I guess I cannot get sufficient amount of shaft “bunched” in front of the hanger.

Maybe the problem is they way I wrap. I have tried many degrees of tightening starting from very tight to almost loose. And I also tried to follow your instructions, Bib, but it didn’t work. I made the first 2 wraps not so tight and tightened more and more as I’m wrapping towards the base. Is there any other “trick”?

Perhaps I should try to attach the hanger further away from the head to leave more shaft to “bunch” or is this a bad idea because it would only lead to more skin stretching?

I also tried the swimcap hanger from the Tom Hubbard site, wrapping the latex from the last third of the shaft and over the head and then attaching the weight. With this the skin doesn’t move at all but the circulation really sucks. The head starts to hurt and gets purple after about 10 minutes. What do you think of this kind of hanger?

I would appreciate any tips.



It sounds as if you are simply not grasping the internal structures with enough force for the amount of weight you are hanging. I really do not know how to evaluate what you are doing with the AFB. I have no frame of reference.

I tried the swimcap hanger once when I started. Never again.


I think that if you want to discuss an issue like the fabrication of a Wench you should post it in the Wench thread or better yet create a thread dedicated to the subject of creating the Wench with alternative supplies In the Main Forum. I say this because the “alternative supply” Wench is still an evolving idea/process and for it to become scattered all over Thunders is not a good idea. I’d prefer to keep it all in one place. More people will benefit and I won’t become scatter-brained keeping track of developments.
The question of whether I experience “shoulders” when hanging is fair game here in the hangers forum. And since we’re talking about my personal experience, it has to first be understood that this should not be viewed as right or wrong or something to expect of your own experience.
“Shoulders” is an idea that I’ve long had a problem grasping.This is why I’ve been attracted to this thread. And I’ve learned a hell of a lot following your exchange with Bigger.
Paradoxically, had I understood “shoulders” when I began hanging in the same way I do as of this writing I like you might have had a very hard time accepting what I saw happening when I was hanging.
Your statement -
>I don’t get this “shoulder” feeling. After attaching the weights, ALWAYS the skin slides down the shaft until it reaches the back side of the head<
-sounds no different than my own experience, even to this day.
Just keep in mind that this is not a black and white process. To expect that the skin on your shaft should never come anywhere near the backside of your glans when hanging 10lbs is not something I think anyone is saying. Nor should you expect some unique shoulders “feeling” to suddenly materialize.
My own ignorance has fortunately saved me from worrying these matters to the detriment of my progress. From the beginning of my hanging experience to this very day I have held five simple commandments that I never betray:
1. Is my hanger positioned behind the glans when the full amount of weight is applied
2. Do I feel a mild pull on my ligs and/or tunica
3. Am I feeling an unhealthy amount of pain anywhere from my groin on down to the tip of my glans
4. Is my head numb, cold, or an unhealthy color (unhealthy color for me does not mean it has to look exactly as it does when not hanging)
5. The clock is king. Never betray the 20 minute mark.
I didn’t make these rules, they are simply the boiled down essence of what Bigger has been teaching in this forum. I am convinced that if I (or anyone else) holds to these rules and I stick to a disciplined schedule - at best I gain, at worst I don’t.
My experience is proof that if you allow yourself to be distracted by the details sometimes you miss the big picture; The skin of my shaft often touches my glans, I don’t experience a “shoulders” feeling, my glans sometimes turns purple, I don’t feel an intense pull on the ligs, and on and on…
Five commandments doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention to important matters such as fatigue, blood volume in the glans, skin chaffing, evidence of gains, etc. But I don’t fuck my head up worrying matters to the letter.
Nor should you. You simply won’t progress. You need to experiment and work your method to a place that is right for you. And that place will almost certainly look, sound, and feel like a very different one from mine.
I can claim a mere fraction of the knowledge Bib and some of the other guys have, but if you want my advice:
Wrap your penis, Attach a hanger one inch behind your glans, apply a comfortable amount of weight. See that the hanger never rests on the back of your coronal ridge. Hang.
That is all the advice I can give because if you can’t get to that final point - “Hang” - you need to back track and work matters out (a different hanger, different weight, different wrap, etc.) until you have exhausted every imaginable option available.
At some point you will hit upon a combination that works and then you can get down to the business of hanging.
Good Luck 5

And I really do like your drawing. It helped me a lot.

Captn, that was a wise post plus your Wench rocks.

<<It sounds as if you are simply not grasping the internal structures with enough force for the amount of weight you are hanging.>>

You were absolutely right.

I experimented the last 2 days and finally got the shoulders feeling. I simply was afraid to close the cable clamp tight enough on the rubber rectangles. Now after I did, I really feel the stretch (internal structures, not skin stretch) when I add the weight.

I learn a lot from your experience and knowledge, Bib. You probably are the worlds greatest hanging expert, not kidding.

I thank all of you, Bib, Captn and twatteaser, for your help and support. Hopefully I’ll gain something after all.



If it weren’t for the flaccid state, the cone-shaped inner structure of my penis would make tightening impossible. I am experimenting with different toe-in toe-out settings to achieve the bunched-up, “shoulders” effect.

Concerning too much blood inthe head—is it harmful…I actually get a uli effect from it and have gained 3/16 inch growth.

You should be squeezing all the blood out of your head (glans) before, and, as you tighten your hanger.

Cells start to die after 17 minutes of lack of circulation.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.


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