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Injury from hanging at an upward LOT

Injury from hanging at an upward LOT

I’ve been hanging for about a year now with little results other than girth and base girth. I was experimenting a while back with hanging over the shoulder with a VAC hanger with 12.5 LBS. After about the 3rd day I noticed a huge shrinkage in my girth and in my length. I went from about 6.5 NBPEL 5 EG to a mind blowing 6 NBPEL 4.5 EG! I was devastated. My Glans was a little bruised but nothing out of the ordinary. When I would hang OTS it would feel great! I felt a really nice stretching sensation I’ve never felt before, coming from underneath my balls/BTC area. Then out of nowhere my dick started turttling and was cold to the touch. I was shocked when all of my gains were gone. I’m back to about 6.3 NBPEL and about 4.8 EG with hanging from standing position with 7.5 LBS and Ulysses exercises.

You don’t have an injury, if I’ve well understood, just shrinkage. This happened because you over-stressed your penis, I don’t think it’s a matter of upward or downward hanging.

I suppose you are right. However I must admit, when hanging at new angles it is advisable to dramatically lower the weight since you will be targeting those ligaments differently.

Agree. Don’t jump on weight, try using the minimum required to start growth.

I have always restarted my weight at 5 or so lbs whenever starting a new angle because I found just because I can handle 20 lbs BTC does not mean I can handle 10 lbs SO. And I mean from the standpoint of being used to it enough to do it for hours every day. It seems I still need to condition before moving up whenever I change angles.

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