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Increasing time and weight

Increasing time and weight

I have been hanging for almost three weeks now and was wondering how I should proceed.

I am currently hanging five pounds for 25 minutes. I am just not sure how fast I should increase time and/or weght. I don’t want to increase too fast and injure myself, but also not too slow and hinder gains.

I am currently increasing the weight by 1 pound per week and the time by five minutes per week. Does this sound okay?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



You are taking a very sensible approach to you hanging. I wish that every new PEer would start this way. There are a couple of things that I would recommend.

First, be sure to warm up before hanging by using moist heat. Also, it is a good strategy to use a plastic heating pad with a moist (not dripping) towel over it and apply it to your ligaments for the first half of each set. This will help to loosen the ligaments and get them to stretch. Taking the heat off in the middle of the set allows the ligs to cool a bit in the stretched state.

Second, be careful as you move up in weight. When you start hanging 10 pounds or more, check yourself during each set to be sure that the head of your penis is not twisting in the hanger. Also, you should not be experiencing any pain.

Third, limit the hang time for each set to a max of 20 minutes. This is the ideal time that will get results while reducing the chance of injury. Since circulation is greatly reduced during hanging, you want to limit the amount of time that your member is without full blood flow, and 20 minutes is a safe amount of time. Over time, you can increase the number of 20 minute sets that you do in a day. Right now, I would recommend no more than 3 or 4 until you have conditioned your member.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Here’s what I do and please correct me if i’m wrong. First of all, the aim is to hang til your fatigue. If you are hanging for 25 mins and not reaching a point of fatigue, then you need to add a little more weight, like 1lb. Its good to have a few 1 lb weights around for this purpose. Do this until you reach a weight that gives you this fatigue state after you’ve hung for about 20 mins, or atleast after your third set of 20 mins.

My routine goes like this. I start of with 5 lbs for about 3 mins, then I add another 5lbs for another 5 -10 mins, depending on the condition of my unit. Then i add 2.5lbs for the remaining 10 mins. At this point, im feeling a good stretch. On my second set, my unit has loosen up and i can use more weights, so i do the same routine, but at the 12.5lb point, i hold that for 5 mins then add 2.5lbs more to bring it to 15 lbs and hold that for 5 mins for a total time of 20 mins, and if im not fatigue, i will add 1-2lbs and hold it for 2 mins to bring it to the point of fatigue. I do the same routine for my third set. Now dont get me wrong, i am very careful in what im doing, i dont come close to feeling any signs of injury. I dont add anymore weights if i dont think i could handle it. I’m in total control and excercise my decisions on how my unit feels. At the end of the day, i get a very good feel on my workout and I do a 5 min jelk and 5 min moderate uli and I tell you, when I hit the shower that night, my unit is very pumped up and the flaccid looks real good. Very good woody’s at night. Expecting some gains at the end of the month. Any comments would be appreciated. Enjoying my hanging routine.


Thanks for the advice. I really hope to see some gains soon so I will know personally that PE does work.


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