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Increase Reps or Sets?

Increase Reps or Sets?

Well, been hanging for….3 weeks now?

Anyways, I’ve moved from 5 lbs to 8 lbs and its definetly feeling much more stretched. However, after a while, the ligs and stuff begin to stretch and strengthen, not giving as great a stretch. When this occurs, should you increase the time you hang for? Or how many sets you do?

For example : Say I start at 8lbs, 2 sets of 20 mins. After a while, should I up it to 2 sets of 30 mins or 3 sets of 20 mins?

Which would give better results? Or would they be equally as effective?


You have several issues there. First, try not to go over twenty minutes per set due to circulation issues. So that would be 3 sets of twenty minutes.

If you have the privacy time, up the number of sets to acheive the desired stress. When you have maxed out your available time, up the weight to get the desired stress. Try not to overdo it. At most, just go up about one or two pounds per week.


Ive been going up 10 lbs per week tho…

Ok….JK. I usually only have an hour and a half for hanging. So I guess ill do a total of an hour (13mins break in between) and PJing afterwards.

Thanks for the info bib :)

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