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In Search of Best Use of Time/ Efficiency

In Search of Best Use of Time/ Efficiency

In Search of Best Use of Time /Efficiency

In PE time and efficiency utilization is suggested as key factors (there are other factors such as rest, precision of the moves, etc).

The ideal scenario as suggested by BIB would be BTC fatigue induced scenario intra- day and intra- period until ½ max weight is reached. Intra-day fatigue scenario I would interpret as warm- up, then max weight for several sets than intuitive incremental obligatory weight reduction indicated during say x sets (more or less), intra-period would be to continue this each day until ½ max is reached, than rest or pursue alternative moves.

One practical point involves extra time during the course of a day where you may be sitting at you desk for hours, where the clerical work would preclude BTC, but could include hanging straight down over the chair or straight out; lets call this a “ secondary filler convenience exercise”. Time and efficiency are two significant parts of the PE hanging equation. To up the time, practically speaking, it is not always possible to perform BTC because the position of the body precludes multi tasking for the most part due to the position of the hang. During that time where BTC is not feasible, you can increase the time part of the equation by hanging other angles such as straight down or out and still do clerical work. The question becomes the best use of time and efficiency with the two dimensions; 1) BTC induced fatigue scenario, 2) less efficient secondary filler convenience moves using alternative angles to increase the time part of the equation.

The hypothetical question becomes, is it more optimal to use exclusively #1 (resulting in less time and aggrivation but optimum efficiency) or to include #2 as filler, which would decrease the overall efficiency but increase the time. Also, will performing #2 during the course of a day as an alternative adversely affect the “flow and focus” of #1 the ideal scenario, or will performing both work additively (though less efficient) per increasing the time dimension. IOW what to do with those extra hours where I could be hanging other than BTC; or just set aside several hours in the evening to do exclusively focused BTC and forget the extra less efficient hours during the day while sitting at the desk.

I will have follow up questions per nuance the moves, depending on the responses.



As I have said in the past, if I was starting tomorrow, I would concentrate on the BTC angle. In deference to newbies, this may take a while to accomplish, needing to stretch the base skin to get a true BTC hang.

However, it most certaintly is not the only angle at which you can make progress. IMO, you need to do what you can do, when you can do it, as safely as possible and allowing for rest time.

I would say that a good rule of thumb would be to concentrate on BTC as much as is possible. But when time and privacy permit, do whatever angle is possible.

In my hanging experience, I had days where I could not hang BTC. Whether writing reports or performas or doing other work which required me to sit up, I simply hung at whatever angle was allowed. In fact, that is probably how I came up with over the shoulder and legs hanging. Don’t remember.

Please do not stress over it.

Have you recorded any other gains?


Forgot. If soreness at the attachment point or along the shaft becomes a problem precluding the later hanging BTC that you described, then hold off on the other angles. Or possibly a better scenerio would be to hang at the other angles at lower weights which would not preclude you from the later BTC work.


Good insight. I must admit there is an obscessive compulsive predisposition here because of the nature of PE and its relation to one of the highest priority human experiences, sexuality and love.

On the other hand, I have to chucke at the vision of all these grown men (myself included) walking around hanging weight off their penises with the dedication of a bull dog.

Humor and laughter is good for the soul.


PS I will probably record gains in a month or so, as I am still settling into a routine.

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You said that you would concentrate mostly on BTC, right? How effective is BTC at hitting the tunica in comparison to SU? It seems to me that most of the unlimited length gains would come from the tunica. Since hanging BTC, my LOT has dropped from a 9 to a 7, and I notice flaccid gains. Not sure about anything else. I was going to switch to SU to hit the tunica.. (I tried it and felt a pretty intense stretch), or should I just stick with BTC. By the way, I hang 15 lbs laying on my back, 3 sets of 20 min, sometimes with a night session as well.

Bib has left the building.

xflip, it sounds like you have a great routine going. How come you don’t know if you’re making erect gains? Don’t you measure? The only way to be sure that it’s time to move on to a different hanging angle is when your gains from the current routine dry up completely.

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