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In Between Hanging Sessions

In Between Hanging Sessions

I started to incorporate hanging into my routine this week. I definitely think this has some good potential, but there’s something on my mind.

If my flaccid hang is not so great in between sessions, am I not benefitting from hanging? Back when I only stretched manually and did Extreme Ulies (no jelqing), my flaccid hang was doin’ alright. Since I started hanging, my flaccid penis has been kinda sore and smaller than usual and I’m paranoid it will “heal that way” and I’ll end up with a smaller dick than before.

I’m starting out slow. I only do 1 set of 20 minutes with 5 lbs. and a second set of 20 minutes with 7.5 lbs. usually. Then I’m done. I did this for 3 days in a row and I’m contemplating taking a day off. Must I hang every single day for it to work?

No dude. JUst listen to your body when you wanna know when to take a day off. Personally, Im on a 0 day off schedule as my dick seems to be only adversly affected by kryptonite. But everyone’s different. SO listen to yourself.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Although I haven’t personally hung weights yet, it seems that a lot of people are starting at 5lbs or less. Maybe 7.5lbs is too much??

Agreed bt.

Lurkmeat, If you are new to hanging then start off slowly. 7.5 lbs is, in my opinion, too much weight. Even 5 is really pushing it. I’d say start with 2 or 2.5 and move up 1-2 every few weeks is required. Your flaccid hang has disappeared because your dick is suffering from over training.

5 is too much? Really? It kinda felt “just right” to start out with.

Doing 5 pounds is alright for me. Using 2.5 lbs felt like nothing to me. And after the first set, that 5 lbs doesn’t feel heavy anymore, which is why I go to 7.5 lbs for set #2 (that, and also because I have no smaller weight increments. :) )

So you’re saying that I should take a day off to recover, then work with 2.5 lbs for a while?

I was hoping that since hanging is an entirely new thing for my cock to experience, that it would serve as a spring board for new gains. Kind of “shock” it into growth.


I did the same as you. Initially I hoisted 5 lbs and it felt like nothing at all. I believe 10 lbs or so was where I started, though I dont remember exactly. Bear in mind I did manual methods for a year prior to hanging, so I was conditioned.

Everone is different. I talk to a friend here who hangs 10lbs, and to him that is sufficient to reach fatigue. I hang between 22 and 29 lbs, depending on the set, and for me that is sufficient to reach fatigue. We started hanging almost at the same time. Goes to show the degree of variance.

So, while you dont want to encounter pain, per say, while hanging, (I think) you should feel the weight, and it should be sufficient to reach a fatigued state by 20 minutes, no more.

Varying the weight per set, like you’re doing, so as to hang for 20 mins, and at the end be fatigued.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Yeah, I do 2 sets of 20 minutes. That’s it. After the first set of 5 lbs, I feel like I should bump it up a notch because the 5 lbs then feels too light. After just those two sets, I feel fatigued alright. My dick has a weird, new soreness to it, but it causes my pecker to shrivel later on after I’m done…. it fluctuates really. Is that detremental to gaining? I’m hoping the introduction to hanging will finally be what makes my dick grow for real. Maybe this new, alien stress to my unit will be what it takes to initiate new, more consistent gains. I’m hoping.


I often went through periods of shrinkage. PE is like the stock market: It goes up and down, but the general trend is up.

You might think about using a traction wrap or ADS to keep your unit in the extended state after hanging.


Yeah man. I hear ya. Thanks everyone.

Its like working out at the gym, start with the low weights, and when you dont feel pain with it, go to the next weight. I started with 2.2lbs, now im hitting 12.1,and maybe by the end of the month ill finish with 13.2lbs. Just take it nice and easy. and youll reach 15 lbs in no time! :D



I’ve gained 13mm EL in less than two months of BTC hanging. I have some days when flaccid is less than hung, but my experience thus far is like Bib says: the general trend of the EL/FL graph is up.

I take it easy and very gradually increase the load of my work. Other than BTC hanging, I do fowfers when the feeling is right; usually in the am hours. My ligs often call for stretching in the morning (clearly due to the BTC hanging) and a good fowfer during breakfast feels just right.
I don’t do ADS and it doesn’t appear to be healing for shorter. Just a $.02er: contortionists dont rest their neck on their feet all day long, do they…



If it feels OK to you then go for it. Ive been hanging for a few months and still easily fatigue within 20 minutes with 9 lbs.

I guess it also depends on how long you have been PEing, as DarkTrick said.

Thanks, all. Your advice isn’t lost on me. Hanging is cool.

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