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Important Hanging Question

Important Hanging Question

Twice now I’ve damaged a nerve with my Bib starter, once from hanging and once from using the device for manual stretching. The first time it took a few weeks to return to normal; the second time it took about a week, as I was careful to monitor for this kind of damage. Still, it’s scary!

I posted on this problem after the first incident and received some helpful feedback. But it has happened again! I’m quite certain that the problem is not with my wrap—unless I’m not using enough layers of wrap. I use one strip of theraband. I also paid close attention to my unit twisting in the hanger, so I don’t think this is the problem either. I was doing two 15 minute sets per day of manual stretching with the hanger, so it’s probably not a time issue.

What else could be the source of the problem?

My hunch is that I’m tightening the hanger too much. I tighten it as much as I can. Then every few minutes into a set, I tighten it some more as it loosens up.

So here’s the main question: How tight should I set the hanger? I’m afraid that if it’s not tight enough, things will slid and slip too much and generally make hanging less comfortable.

Please help. I want to start hanging again, but I’ve got to sort this problem out first.

It could be you are attaching the hanger too close to the glands. I have the regular bib and the way it is made I don’t think you can do nerve damage by getting it too tight.

One more idea is you are stretching too much. I remember bib saying not to move up in weight too fast and rest 2 days a week because of the nerves that are stretched.

Maybe some vets will chime in.

I’m not certain if your first or second incident was the result of manual stretching with the Bib, but it probably doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that hanging devices are made for hanging - and hanging is all about control; using measured amounts of weight timed to perfection. Whereas manual stretching exposes you to an unknown and constantly varying amount of tension.
Add to that the energy you free up by not having to concentrate on your grip, and using a device to manual stretch with holds plenty of danger.

That is not to say it isn’t done all the time - I do it myself - but no one should manual stretch with a hanging device without first taking into account the increased risk.

Personally, I think guys should only manual stretch with a hanging device that is not set too tight. The tighter the grip of the device, the more potential tension you are affording yourself. Conversely, a device that is at risk of slipping off during a manual routine acts as a built in precaution to using an unhealthy amount of tension.

This is really the only method available that can be used to protect ourselves from injury when manual stretching with a device: Don’t over tighten and you diminish the risk.

I agree with Cap that stretches with hangers can be dangerous. Why you don’t use your bare hands for manual stretching? I myself believe that manual stretches are tricky. I don’t do them any more and when I used to do them my dick never felt good after doing them - cold, sore, and lifeless.

Do you wrap with a strip of cotton cloth first? When you hang, I’d say follow standard wrapping instructions by lil2big, use light weights (~5lb) , 10 min sets with a rice sock, and tighten with 30% less strength.

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Thanks. That’s all very helpful.

Sheneedsmore, I don’t think I’m attaching the hanger too close to the glans. I attach it about 3/4” or so back. However, from the weights or from the manual stretching, the hanger always moves further down and rests just above the glans. I know this is where the nerve bundle is. But I just don’t see how this could be avoided. I’m assuming this is common, and that the Bib hangers were designed accordingly. But I very well might have been stretching too much or using more weight than I was ready for when I was hanging. I plan on going slower this time.

CaptnHook, the more recent and less severe injury was from stretching with the hanger. I really was watching my unit like a hawk. So the nerve damage was very slight and went away in a few days. Still, I’ve got to sort this out. Should I stretch with the hanger again, I’ll definitely tighten the hanger less.

Sparky, I’ve only started stretching with the hanger recently. I’ve been manual stretching with my hands (and latex gloves) for four months, along with jelqing. But I’ve seen no length increase from this manual routine. I recently read Hobby’s post about low-intensity, long-duration stretching vs. high-intensity, short-duration stretching. Using the hanger allows me to hold the stretches for a much longer duration. But I figure I might as well hang if I’m going to do this. However, I only have two hours max a day for hanging at present.

Even though I didn’t experience any length increase, I really liked the manual stretching and jelqing routine. My flaccid hang and my erections were great. To me, my unit looked longer. It was disappointing when I measured it and discovered it wasn’t.

No, I wasn’t using a cotton cloth first when I was using the hanger to stretch with. Just one strip of theraband. I was using some of that self-adhesive wrap along with the theraband when I was hanging. The self-adhesive stuff was the closest thing I could find to Ace bandage in the UK, where I was living at the time. I plan on using Ace bandage and theraband when I start hanging again.

Could you please explain to me lil2big’s wrapping instructions?

I’d still like to know, how much do you tighten your hangers? What’s the recommended tightness?


Tightness is hard to explain. You are using a bib starter and it might be necessary to get it tighter than the original BIB hanger for the same amount of weight because of smaller surface area. I am guessing here because I never used a starter. Given that your wrap is not loose but snug (you should still be able to pee with the wrap on), tighten the screw until you feel that the starter grabs the inner tissues of your penis, you might feel pressure inside the penis but it must be comfortable pressure. It should not be painful. If you think it’s too tight - then it is too tight.

Spend few hours experimenting with the settings of the hanger, use light weights (2.5 lb) and and 2-3 min sets
to find out appropriate tightness, (after you finalized your wrapping technique). Finally you must realize that as you increase your hanging weight, you have to increase the tightness.

I am new to hanging so veterans should correct me if I am wrong. The standard wrapping works great for me and I can hang comfortably at 6-7 lb for 10-15 min being uncut.

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

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Thanks for that Sparky. All good advice. I hope it works out, as I really like the idea of hanging. It’s just, when the unit goes numb it is very scary. Perhaps the nerves in my schlong are simply more sensitive than the average. Who knows? But I’ll keep tinkering with my use of the hanger.

Motivated, how much are the teeth meshing at the top of the hanger? You can adjust to some extent how much pressure is put on those important dorsal nerves on the top of the penis by tightening up the bottom adjustment nuts. The further in they are at the bottom, the more open the top of the hanger can be keeping it away from the nerves but keeping the same grip on the dick so to speak. Good luck!

Tps, thanks. Also very helpful. I was thinking of that myself. Other than some initial adjustments I made when I first got the hanger (which were based on no real knowledge or experience), I haven’t tinkered with the adjustments. Yep, I’ll try that.

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