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I'm about ready to give up on hanging


0.25 gains aren’t ‘no gains’. LOT means nothing.

Well no, LOT does have something to do with it.

And .25 gains over 6 months of 3-4 hours daily is practically nothing

Well hanging is really a science, i m a month into it and still trying to find the perfect method by changing the set-up every day.

I cant say its working for me yet, but i think its too early to quit.. Stick to it for a couple months more show some determination man, come on

Thank God there is PE

Originally Posted by the tiger
Well no, LOT does have something to do with it.

And .25 gains over 6 months of 3-4 hours daily is practically nothing

I agree. Lots of newbs get that in a few weeks from jelqing. That’s a stupendous amount of PE time for almost no reward. I’m sorry but that was my experience with hanging as well. You have to have a lot of mental endurance.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

This thread is so depressing.

Lots of haters on Hanging I see. Well I’m here to say hanging has done tremendous for me so far. I was gaining at 2 1/2 lbs. All be it I do have a 4.5 girth but I’ve gained from hanging. I also invest about 3 hours a day where I work from home. Then I do another two to fours of lighter weight so that might be why I’ve gained.

You might be like me, one of the apparently rare individuals who easily over trains, I know for myself that even where you started for me would be a serious over training session. You might only need 1 set at 20 minutes to get the job done, less might just be more for you I know it is for me. The key here is to pay attention to your PI’s very closely, inducing just enough to get growth, more is not necessarily more. For some of us less is more and from reading what you did, it seems you might just be like me in this regard. Also, are you taking any protein or supplements so your body has the resources to repair the damage you did? I use protien powder and alpha Lapoic acid and other amino acids so my body has what it needs on hand to quickly repair the damage induced. The key is to find out just precisely what is the right amount for you to start growing and that is going to be a personal journey that you can’t base on what others have done or are doing. That for me is why so many never see any gains and do a ton of work, your far from alone, wasted years and years on this thinking, but never gave up. I had to realize that I am just different then others on here, don’t get sucked in to the more is more thinking so prevalent on here, while that may be true for many, that depends on your own levels of testosterone etc and how quickly your body is able to repair the damage, there is not a one size fits all PE shoe, pe is very much what works for you and don’t for get that, you must become your own personal research scientist.

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Originally Posted by Growing28
….you must become your own personal research scientist.


Originally Posted by joe_smith
Not sure what hanger you are using but I didn’t see any gains till I hit 10 to 15 pounds. Try increasing your weight.

I was actually just logging in to report my hanging success and saw this post. I’m in the same boat as joe_smith.. I had to reach 10+ lbs before I began seeing some gains. That said, I’ve gained a whole 1” NBPEL and 0.5” BPEL from hanging BTC (and sometimes SD) for a minimal 1 hour per day over the past month.

However, I spent a couple months before summer building up the weights and breaking past skin thresholds. So technically you could say I have been hanging for ~3 months (non-consecutively) to achieve those gains.

Anyway, my advice would be to get past 10lbs and work with that until you are no longer stretching your skin. Then hang for a month or two for 1-2 hours per day before drawing any conclusions about your ability to gain via hanging.

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