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If cutting lig doesn't add bpel how could hanging


Originally Posted by marinera

Caution! Derailed thread.

I think you mean Hijacked? :)

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Go way! Danger!

Originally Posted by 17ml
Specialists say that when ligs are released then reattached or just cut then it only adds flaccid length.

Then why would hanging alone cause bpel. What chance does someone stand making gains with their ligs intact hanging when people who have their ligs moved further out don’t see results with bpel. Hangers are trying to detach the ligs which is the same concept as the lengthening procedure right?

I think it’s false. That’s depend the configuration of penis.…anstitrejpg.jpg…nstitre2jpg.jpg

in red is after stretching.…images/fig2.JPG

do you understand why it’s not true?


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