Ideas for combination of swim cap and vacuum hanger

As some of you know, I’m interested in hanging, but I still didn’t find a way to do it successfully. Being uncut, regular hangers that require a wrap are out of the question because they’re too much hassle. Because of that, I’m trying to find an alternative.

I tried making a DIY version of vacuum hanger using a deodorant cap and rubber glove finger, but without much success for three reasons. My foreskin was getting in way a bit, vacuum release hole was tricky to control and cap was a bit smaller than it should be.

Now I have a proper sized cap and new idea. I remembered I have two swim caps lying in the basement from almost 10 years ago, back from the days I trained water polo.

Here’s the link for Tom Hubbard’s swim cap hanger: Link

I know it’s sort of a vacuum hanger itself, but bear with me.

From the way the weights are attached to it, it looks like the swim cap material can easily wear off and get damaged from the rope pressure.

For that reason I thought of combining the two hangers and using a rectangular piece of swim cap as a sleeve for vacuum hanger with deodorant cap.

That way I’d get way more area to work with than with rubber glove finger, which would help a lot with the vacuum release hole problem.

Also, I have a feeling it would be more comfortable and able to hold more weight.

I’d like to hear your ideas about the actual realization of this. How to turn a rectangular piece of swim cap into a sleeve that would fit the deodorant cap?

Tom Hubbard suggests washing it with water and soap to make it sticky, but I was thinking of something more permanent that wouldn’t require detaching and washing the sleeve before every session.

Thanks for help.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''