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Ideal hanging program

Ideal hanging program


what should be the ideal hanging frequency? How much time should you allow before the next set of hanging? I normally do one 30 min session start with 5lb for 5 mins, 7.5 lb for 5 min, 10 lb for 5 mins, 12.5 lb for 5 mins then I finish with 15 lb for 5 mins BTC, then 5 mins standing. Then about 2 hrs later I would repeat the same session. Is this effective or should I do them maybe 30 mins apart?

I would feel the head of my penis every 5 mins to ensure that feeling is still there.


I was looking for a thread for Cali-man and came across this thread. Sorry, I missed this post for some reason. I don’t really know how. Anyway, do you still have problems or need information?

Actually, after reading the post again, I think I did reply to it. Don’t know what happened to my answers.

If you need a reply, let me know. But I think we cleared this up.


You did clear this up for me Bib. I think I emailed you the same question and you emailed me back. Thanks.

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