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Well I just received my bib hanger today… Thanks Bib for the speedy delivery I know you have many orders to fill! But any way I came up with this neat idea… What I did was bought a pulley and a hook for it and I attached it to the underside of my computer desk, I can sit here while handing, I can spin my chair left or right to have it pull from ether directions. This is for seated straight out hanging in the chair. Any thoughts?


OK I may be a bit excited here about hanging, this is really my second day now. But I have to say that this idea here is a convenience to me. I don’t even have to get up, I just wrap attach the hanger then pull the rope from the pulley and hook up all from my seat! The thing is I have to use 10 lbs to get the same feel as 5 without the pulley because… well the pulley lightens the load a bit. Right now I’m still working on the wrap, but the bib makes it pretty comfy. I still have not gone over 5 minutes yet as I’m still learning the diff from discomfort and pain, so when it gets questionable I take the hanger off and rest. I have an advantage because I live alone and I can sit here in my B-day suite and not have to worry. So I will hang on and off all day for 5 minutes trying different wraps and hanger adjustments till I feel comfy with it then move on to longer periods of time.

All I’m looking for is 1 inch and girth at the base. I’m 8x6 right now and I’m going to do straight hanging till I hit 9. Then I will return to my regularly scheduled program of PE!

I know everyone is diff but how long would it take to add one inch? Can you hang and just add girth to the base without adding length?

When I hang, I feel the tightness of the hanger on the internal structure. This I take it to be what it is, the bib grabbing the meat of my penis. I squeeze all the blood out of the head before I tighten up the bib. As I hang I can feel the stretch on the ligs and the penis tissue, but will you also feel the stretch on the penis inside the hanger. This with the grip of the bib makes it hard to tell what is pain or discomfort from the bib and the stretch?

Thanks everyone….


Tightness of Bib on Shaft

Hey —Good luck with your new toy. I want the one more inch to make me 9 npb too.—- “cept it’s taking rather longer than I anticipated to get gains, but that’s another story.

When doing up the Bib, if it’s hurting the shaft without any weight I reckon that’s too tight. The ideal compromise is just tight enough not to slip, but not so tight as to hurt IMHO.

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Yes… I’m starting to getting the hang of it… LOL! But no the bib don’t hurt without weight, really it don’t hurt with the weight! Its just a diff feeling I have to get used to. There is no pinch feeling, or any numbness. My head gets a bit blue but there is no discoloration, but I’m only hanging for 5 minutes at a time now. Since my last post I hung for about 15 more minutes total and I’m starting to get a worked feeling in the ligs, no pain!


Hey Modemmer!

Sounds like you are doing all the right things and you have the time to make a success of it. If you’re getting that fatigued feeling then you’re right on target.

Take it nice’n’easy and Good Luck!

lil1 :littleguy

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Thanks lil12big1….

I think I have worked my wrap out… I was wrapping a bit to lose! I warp with a strip of cotton t-shirt then with Thera-band a bit tighter. I don’t get that feeling of skin being pulled in the bib anymore. Well my ligs are feeling it I had to go down in weight to 5 lbs and I’m up to 10 minutes now, and I’m done for the night.

I want to thank all of you that has helped me through this forum… best site ever! And yes I voted that way in Thunders poll!

Thanks guys…


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