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Idea for a wrap

Idea for a wrap

Did anyone analyze the wrap and see that it starts out thin gets thick in the middle and then gets thin again. This is because the area the where the theraband overlaps where the second and third wrap lay. So it builds up there. What if one started the wrap up at the head instead of 1 inch behind and folded the wrap back 3/4 of an inch. This would build up the wrap before the second and especially third spiral and give a more even wrap. Making it more comfortable for heavy weight hanging.


Will try that

Good idea

I am not trying to re-invent the wheel. I just observed this and tried it and it felt more even pressure when you attach the bib tight. It is working nice FOR ME…


I have a better technique. I wrap normal like shown on the drawings. Then I have a 3/4 inch wrap about 8 inches long that I wrap over where the very first wrap started about 1/8 inch back. Not spiraling but just completely around over itself. This builds up the girth of the wrap in the front 1 inch behind the head. It makes it so you dint need 2 wraps and is MUCH more comfortable I bet for anyone.


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