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(Idea) Developing a new D.I.Y hanger?


Huh, interesting idea overdose. So probably not useful for a hanger you think?

I think there is an interesting caveat here: maybe the hand ISN’T the ideal instrument for hanging. Good for short, intense stretches, yes. But maybe not the best for applying force for 20 minutes at a time due to circulation and glans issues. After all, Tom Hubbard originally based the AFB on the hand’s position while stretching, and it doesn’t feel nearly as comfortable as other modern compression hangers like the Bib.

I think maybe the only legit and comfortable way we have discovered to hang from the glans is the vacuum hanger, but these have their limitations as well.


Could you combine the two worlds? I could envision adding a bib type hanger in combination with vac hanger. Maybe the two would work together, i.e. use the bib around the sleeve portion of the vac hanger. Find a way to distribute weight evenly. Best of both worlds… maybe

It’s perhaps possible, but why would you want to?

The benefits of a vac hanger are: 1) does not cut off circulation nearly as much allowing you to hang for longer periods. 2) focuses pull mainly on the glans. The drawback is: you cannot use nearly as much weight.

Clamping a compression hanger over the vac hanger sleeve would cut off circulation more, reducing the total time you could hang at a stretch and focus pulling force on the shaft as well as the glans. And because when weights get too high vac hangers usually fail due to the silicone/soft parts tearing, you wouldn’t improve that aspect either, it might even be easier to tear as the sleeve couldn’t slide and stretch as well with a compression hanger clamped over most of it.

As I see it, this would negate the benefits of vac hanging while not improving upon the drawback.

True, maybe just need stronger silicone, haha

Ya that would be wonderful! Tom Hubbard had the idea a long time ago to make a swim cap-style hanger out of something resembling a really strong Chinese finger trap. Always sounded pretty cool to me.

@Rootsnatty: Yes, I think I was like overvalue the hand and forgot about its disadvantages. What an error :(

Who knows overdose, maybe you will discover the next great breakthrough in hanging. :)

Crazy thought about your chinese finger trap. What if you could take strips of silicone and create that type of device? would need to know the weave to make. Maybe reinforced with nylon strands.

Let me clarify. Create a mold for your silicone strips/ribbons. Mold the nylon strings into the silicone when pouring. Weave as in the post above. Maybe get a low stretch silicone maybe like dragon skin. Just a thought. I would think it would still cut off circulation.

Ya, I really don’t know how well it would work. I think it would need to be made of something a little tougher than silicone, even reinforced silicone. Monkeybar reinforces his silicone sleeves and they still rip pretty easily at higher weights. I think he uses a super fine wire mesh though, maybe nylon would work better.

Originally Posted by overdoseads
hey toyotajon, check out this thread…%20holy%20grail
I guess the guy mostly stretched his skin but that’s still an interesting idea.

Thats a great find!

It could be combined with silicone wrap. The uniform grab might then be able to then pull the whole penis without cutting off circulation.

If one could manage to get more tension/pull on the top side to avoid the CS to be cut off too much(the blood flows there) it might be the thing..

Wit a silicone mesh it would be perfect. But I still wonder how much that could hold.

I would like to see one that could achieve basically that same idea but be attached only to the glans. It would need to be supremely well-designed to be comfortable, however.

Holy crap I think I pooed myself after this line where it says that and lube give new meaning to word hand job. OUCH


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