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(Idea) Developing a new D.I.Y hanger?

Yep will get some pics in action here in an hour or so. Try to find private time to hang is hard with wife and a 3 and 1 year old. Haha

Originally Posted by rootsnatty

Maybe some obscure material will work better than a cock ring though. Hope to hear that you have found one in the near future. :)


@rootsnatty: Okay, I think I FOUND it, after doing countless searching on the internet and alot of brain torture, I think this is what we are looking for, this will help me creat an artificial “hand” to do the hanging job for me. It is antelope leather, the real one, (no synthetic material used), I think other kinds of animal skin could work but this is what I’ve found. And It’s pretty expensive also :(
@dickerschwanz: Oh yes, thanks for your idea, the antelope leather is almost like a second skin, It will be super comfortable :D

@toyotajon93 thanks for your help bro :D

So here is my gen 2 hanger. I’ve already got a few improvement ideas. Just no time to work on them yet.

1st Pic is the sleeve I created. Used EcoFlex 30. Would probably do this with Ecoflex 50 next time I need to order silicone.

2nd Pic - 1-1/4” end cap with eye bolt hanger screwed into it. Carribbeaner attached to that.

3rd Pic - Inside end cap, I think this is what helps with comfort. I fill the last 1/4 inch or so of cap with silicone. 1 to protect from Eye bolt screw 2 to provide padding.

4th Pic - The entire assembled hanger

5th Pic - Loaded out of order is inside the sleeve. I added a raised/recessed textures to improve grip and circulation. I would add more with a gen 3 model. The end looks a little rough since that was my pour line and I didnt want to cut into the silicone.

For my weight I use a gallon milk jug which now usually stays about 3/4 full. I get a chubby and roll the top sleeve back. I think hook the end cap making sure skin it pulled back and roll sleeve down.

My goal for gen 3 is to make the end cap skinnier and more custom using a hard resin I have around the house. I’d like it to be a little longer since my head is long.

Shots in action coming next. I need to start a new thread and do step by step instructions.

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In action, pardon the fat pad and hair. Just noticed the angle makes it look massive, roflmao, around 7.25 bpfsl

Sorry about that I will create one. Wasnt sure if allowed in this section or not.

Dude, good DIY skills! But how is this different from a regular vac hanger? Monkeybar’s for instance. I see you aren’t creating suction, but it looks basically the same.


Overdoseads, so how is the “hand” gonna be created? Like an AFB hanger with this antelope leather wrapped around the attachment pegs/bars?

Also, I remember seeing an older post on here where this dude who was an engineer made an extender/stretcher type thing with a synthetic resin or cured gel that was apparently perfectly comfortable without any wrap. I’ll try and find it. He also claimed incredible results with it.


Not sure Ive seen monkeybars. Ill search around for it :)

I think that other thread is the homemade sleeve thread. Kinda gave me the idea from there as far as using pvc to create the master mold outer portion.

I use polyclay to make my “penis” mold. Id like to make this smaller and use for hanging, stretching and ads. All in one.


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