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Ice pack while hanging theory - add cool not heat


More penis lab results and onwards.

But the entire thread is worthwhile reading. I miss mbuc and his dedication to experiments.

regards, mgus

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I heat up before and during the session and cool down after with frozen bare lead peweights. I’ve been doing this for years. I believe the collagenous tissues are more elastic while heated, then forcing the micro-tears to heal while in this cold elongated state encourages cells to fill in the gaps. I’m pretty sure it works for girth, not so sure about length. I feel ligaments heal differently than the tunica.

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I do a cool down after some seasons.

I would be causious about cooling down for or during a season because a large number of injuries are incurred in athletic pursuits due to tissues not being warmed up or prepared. I would therefore postulate that rather than microtearing the tissue, you could induce larger tissue damage and thereby impede your progress due to scar tissue formation. Just theory though, no evidence to back this up.

Originally Posted by firegoat
If you are hanging, you want to encourage creep. That’s going to happen better with heat. But holding it at full stretch after hanging while you cool it down with an ice pack is a good idea. Just make sure you wrap the ice pack in a tea towel so it doesn’t stick. :)

My vote is also for heat while you’re actually hanging. You want to stretch & create microtears. My fear is that cold tissues may be more prone to macro tear than micro tear. I just think heat prevents injuries—this is based on my experience with athletics. You never want to push yourself hard while you’re cold. That’s when bad things happen.


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