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I will buy an HANGER off anyone!

I will buy an HANGER off anyone!

I failed in time to get an hanger off BIB and i am desperate for a bib hanger,

if u can sell me one contact

Wht not try building on of Tom’s? The link is below.


I’ll bet you would buy one off of anyone. Seems as though those who have a hanger are not really interested in selling it. Must be the quality of the product.

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Sounds like a lack of imagination to me…

Bib Hanger

Heck You guys are making me want a hanger now. If anyone gets one I should. I bet I would be the first woman to buy one.

Theraband - $15.00
Weights - $.50 a pound
Ricesock - $2.00 for rice

Bibhanger - PRICELESS!!!

Suggest you homies with Bibs call Lloyd’s of London… “um, yes, well….er……. yes, it actually hangs from my penis…”

Jeez, they are making me feel guilty having TWO hangers! A bibstarter for now and a bibhanger for when I can really use it.

The soft rubber on the starter is beginning to tear a little from use, but its not a problem yet.


PS: I don’t have the girth to use the Bibhanger yet, but could easily modify it with a dremel tool such that the halves close tighter (by working on the hinge area).


I’ll give $200 for a functional bib starter and bib hanger combo.

Not like anyone is going to part with their’s ;o)
Theraband could be thrown in for free thanks


Good Question!! I want to know the answer to that one myself!!

Gee maybe Bib could become a millionaire. :lightning

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