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I was just wondering...

I was just wondering...

As I finished up a 20 minute set today I reached down to detatch the 10lbs weight I was using. As I picked it up it ALMOST slipped out of my hand, which would have been extrememly painful as the hanger was still attatched! Have you ever heard of this happening to anyone? OUCH!

On a side note. I just started hanging again after a four month decon break. I started back up using the bib hardcore. I am having a couple of issues I am hoping you can help me out with. First is, I cant get the hanger on and tight without my dick wanting to twist. Does anyone have a solution for this? Second thing, I am getting a lot of fluid build up as I hang. Its mostly underneath my head on the floor side. Again…solutions?

Thanks for your input!!!

To be honest I would look at bib’s website. There is a ton of info on here and over there is just for hangers. Feel free to ask him questions he is real good at responding to his members on the site.

As for fluid build up that is an indication that your wrapping is way to tight.

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