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I want to start!

I want to start!

I really want to start hanging and have been reading quite a bit on this forum. Can any of you guys recommend a good hanger that I can purchase?

You can make or buy a Bib hanger. I think the Bib starter is somewhere around 90 - 100 bucks or so.

I have one and I think it is well made. Since he gave directions here on the forum you can build one yourself, I bought one because I’m not that handy at making things.

Scroll down to the bottom of any page to the “Bib hanger site”.

Good luck and Great gains!

Bib’s hanger is by far the best. If you have spent anytime lurking you know of all the blood sweat and tears not to mention research and craftsmanship that has gone into its design. If you can’t afford the production model the homemade Bib is also very good, but takes a little time to get it right. What you might want to do is before you go to Home depot with your list of Bib parts take a quick look at the Capt’s wench. Then go to HD and buy the parts for both hangers. All the materials for both hangers will cost you less
than 20 bucks. Make the wench first and get started hanging with the lower weights. The wench is great for the kind of weight a newbie should be hanging. Then you won’t feel rushed and you can take your time crafting your homemade Bib while you are multi-tasking. I’ve actually developed my own hanger borrowing from both ideas, a Bibwench kind of thing using an infant blood pressure cuff to hold it all together instead of cable clamps. The cuff distributes the pressure more evenly and the Capt’s design keeps pressure off the dorsal nerve. Of course if you can afford it go for the original Bib.

Good Luck
And keep us posted

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