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I want to Start Hanging

I want to Start Hanging

Seems like I can’t get good manual stretches. I have tried and tried but I just cannot master it without putting too much pressure on the glans. I had bought the bib starter about a year ago but have not touched it. I have been reading the sticky’s in this forum and will continue to do so. Any advice tips or what else I should do just starting out hanging? Practice wrapping? Any tips on pressure or blood flow in the glans? I had cut up the theraband but what with should they be?? Also the cloth strips. How long should the wrap cloth or theraband be and how many strips should I use?> Thanks.

It is all about experimentation. I cut my thera into a 18 inches long x 1.5 inch strip. That is all you really need. Follow the wrapping guidelines in the hanging forum. You will have to dedicate some time to adjusting the bib and adjusting your placement of your bib. Start with 5 lbs or so, and get after it.

*Bump* Any more starting advice?

Yes, experiment with the different settings, read the product guide, and so on. Actually put the thing on for crying out loud and use it as a stretcher, pull on it with your hand, when you are confident and relaxed with it, Go to town.

Good Luck to You.

Make sure you have the time hanging takes then go for it and I assure you the length will come. After you get into a routine the wrapping gets easy and try different settings with the hanger. You will find settings that will fell good then later you will have to change again, this is normal. Just go with the flow and the gains do come.

One other thing, try different wraps, with the cloth and without. You will find what works for you. Just remember, everything you read here works different for each person and take all you read with a grain of salt and adjust to what works for you.

Don’t make the mistake of moving up too quick in weight either. If will take about a month to stretch skin before you get to the ligs. You will know the feeling when you feel it.

Good luck dude

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The most important thing is make sure you get the blood out of the glands before tightening the hanger and weights. If the glands turns purple, that is bad and you need to re-adjust the hanger, wrapping or how you attached the hanger. Never should you feel any pain, plain and simple.

Skin stretch is the worst part BTW. Everything else is down hill, lol.

I am not going to jump into this too fast and I am going to keep reading up on this first. I have had trouble with too much blood in the head from manual stretching I hope I don’t injure myself from this by hanging. Well as wrapping material I cut up the theraband and as for cloth how does cutting up an old t shirt into wrapping strips sound? Thanks guys I will keep you updated because I know I will have lots of questions as I start experimenting.

Marcus j:

My God man: I remembeer when you got that Bib. You better take that thing out of the box, blow the dust off and get busy. You’ll never get a bigger dick by just looking at it.

As far as wrapping: I find the less Thera Band you use the better. I use a 8” strip of cotton under wrap about two inches wide, but only a small strip of Thera about 6” long. You don’t need to wrap Thera all up and down you dick like in that tutorial. That’s a cute vidieo, but I think that guy has about an eight inch dick stretched out there to work with. You just enough to go around it once with a slightly stretched overlap then tape it off. Tie a slip knot in a string and secure it to a doorknob or the bathroom faucet so you can stretch out your dick and still leave both hands free. Doing this in front of a mirror helps if you have a belly. Best I remember you are a skinny dude so it won’t matter. But having both hands to wrap, tale and pull excess skin back makes it much easier.

SNM is right about making sure you have enough time. Hanging is very time consuming. However much time you figure to allow for hanging, you can almost double that. A one hour session will take you almost two hours if you do it right. The settings are a pain in the ass, you will have to readjust it every time you hang, because you flaccid is never the same size and shape from day to day. But with all that said I still say the Bib Starter is the best PE Investment anyone can make. But the thing only works if you put it on your dick.

Good Luck

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I have theraband where can I buy some cotton under wrap?? A drug store? What exactl;y am I looking for?

Try Johnson and Johnson “No Hurt” 2 inch. Sticks a little but grips good. I use it without Theraband, but it would give the Theraband a great base.

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Cool thanks monty

Originally Posted by Marcus j
*Bump* Any more starting advice?


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…You better take that thing out of the box, blow the dust off and get busy. You’ll never get a bigger dick by just looking at it.

Oh, I don’t know about that. Vincent van Cock does “Zen Jelquing” (he didn’t respond to my request of making a video of that, though).

regards, mgus

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