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I want to start hanging right away without Conditioning first

I want to start hanging right away without Conditioning first

yay or nay ? I won’t do that stretch/jelq for 4 weeks for conditioning.

I’ll only do hot wraps as warmup before and after. I’ll hang a 2.5 lbs. plate for the first 1-2 months, for 3 sets of 15 minutes. How much rest inbetween sets?

Will I hurt myself? Not sure yet which hanger I’ll buy.. I might just build one actually.


As long as a good hanger is used correctly, I dare say that the above weight and time should be no problem even for a fresh newbie. I think you’ll find 10 min between sets the standard recommendation in hanging FAQ/101’s.
Any signs of hurt or numbness, stop immediately; ask if unsure what’s causing it and how to make it not happen again. Hanging done right is safe and should never hurt; a degree of discomfort from skin stretching, and possibly unnecessarily awkward sitting positions being the exceptions. Glans slightly cool to the touch is alright, but never numbness. When new and inexperienced with hanging, I made the occassional mistake of sitting out the last minutes of a 20 min set with numbness already creeping in. There’s every good reason to avoid forced breaks with a dull dick. Always stop and make adjustments when things aren’t A OK.

P.s. IMO, sod hot wrap after hanging. Throw in that extra heating time before hanging. Or do both, but in that case with ADS after the post session heat.


Hold on, I don’t understand - why don’t you want to do the newbie routine first? Some have found it to be a lot more effective than hanging, including myself. Also, why take the risk? Even 2 weeks of the newbie routine would be better than nothing. In my opinion, do both - jelqing and hanging. Light stretches before you attach the hanger with plenty of heat will also make things a lot safer.

I believe that all PE is based around jelqing, jelqing is the temple of PE and the other exercises are little slaves that work in the temple. (Where did I put my pills?)

One of the main arguments for doing the newbie rountine first is that you get to know your dick - how hard you can or cannot pull / twist / squeeze in a more or less controlled and slowly increasing fashion. From a PE point of view, you aren’t even aquainted with your dick.

Jumping in a the deep end has it’s risks.

regards, mgus

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I just find the LoT theory to be… quite confusing to understand. Perhaps I am not focusing on it enough. I’ve actually lurked on this site like 2 years ago…. as you can see it says in my Join date. I tried that stretching routine/jelqing routine. No results though, also did some kegels. I stopped doing any of that though. Anyways it lasted for 2 months, I didn’t really notice a diff (maybe my dick got a bit smaller).

Holy crap… just imagine if I sticked with it for 2 years !!!!!!!!!!!

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