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I think I may need to start hanging

I think I may need to start hanging

Well, right now I have been PEing since November and so far have seen a decrease in length as of the last couple of days. I really want to be at least around 7 inches, so I think I am going to need to start hanging. Tomorrow I am going to look into making my own hanger, but the problem is I suck at making things. I don’t really drill, screw, or anything like that. Can anyone give me something really basic to work with?

Two words and a period: Captains Wench.

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I know alot of guys will flip out when I say this, BUT! I use to hang until it stopped working for me. What I thought was ideal was a simple lanyard. A small sized rope which I looped behind the glans and secured by having a washer slip up to the top until tight. I would wrap with some old T-shirt material first, and I started off with really low weight, like 2.5 or 5lbs from a hook at the end of the line. Simple, and you can do multiple sessions so long as you mind your breaks, and reset your wrapping.

Originally Posted by Alrdybig
Two words and a period: Captains Wench.

And theres that too.

Damn that’s a good way to lose your dick. Hanging a noose around your glan will cut off too much blood flow and could really cause you serious harm, because as the weight is applied the noose will get tighter. Not to mention if you accidentally drop the weight with the noose attached it will cut the damn thing off from force. :p

If I we’re you I would not give up on the manual PEing for a while to max that out before hanging. Hanging takes a lot of time and you need to really understand what the game plans is before starting. One more thing, if you want to hang and can’t make a hanger, BUY THE BEST HANGER YOU CAN! You only have one dick dude.

As I said, ” I know alot of guys will flip out when I say this, BUT!”

I’m thinking of hanging too. Has anyone tried cch3? Or are bib hangers the best?

I have a question on the other hand, and I don’t’ mean to hijack this thread. I see a lot of hangers with all this skin going over their head. Are you really stretching the inside of your dick or just adding more skin? I would think that you would need to grab it real well so that the skin doesn’t slide over your head for a good hang.

Let me know.

What is btc?

BTC is between the cheeks hanging.

Your stretching the tunica and/or ligs if you have a good hanger and it is attached properly. For details, you should start reading the threads in the Hanger’s Forum.

Seyz, if you have the time and privacy you should start hanging. A Wench is easy to make. Start reading the basic hanging threads and do your research on the subject.

Gentlemen, for these types of endeavors one must commit their due diligence.

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