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I need professional help

I need professional help

I am extremely frustrated with hanging because i have never hung successfully with a bib hanger or the starter. I started out hanging with my home made modified bib hanger which worked really well for a couple days. I only made it to hold me over until I decided my original Bib in the mail. When I received the gigantic hanging device in mail my jaw dropped because it almost as big as my units flaccid. So I tried it out a couple times and was unsuccessful because I guess I couldnt wrap my unit enough for the hanger to cover because I had to start wrapping an inch away from glans and I quickly noticed that I had to buy the starter. So I ordered the starter and just received it yesterday and once again I was struck with bad luck. Ill first start off by what I initially do. I warm up with a hot wash cloth for 5 min and then dry off and while sitting down try to put the wrap on. The wrap consists of 1.5x19 of theraband. I decided to not put a piece of cloth on at first because I never though that it was necessary. Anyway every time I wrapped I kept getting boners for some reason so I had to wait for them to subside and the then wrap again except it kept happening. So after wasting 35 min of my time I noticed that this wasn’t going to work so I decided to re-warm up and start jelqing. I did this for about 10 min. Then I cleaned off my unit and re applied heat again and then finally I was able to wrap my unit without getting an erection. But It seems like I was faced with a different problem I could fit my unit it the hanger but I couldnt tighten the hanger because the screw wasnt long enough to be put into the socket. So after another 20 min a realized the exact placements of the nuts that I had to use and I finally was able to tighten my hanger. I started off tightening the hanger with a perfectly straight flaccid penis(by straight I mean it was in lined perfectly with the hanger). As it go tighter and tighter I noticed that the theraband the was fairly loosely put on was being dragged into the padded claws at the bottom of the hanger near where the hinge is. That didnt bother me until I realized that the tighter I brought the hanger the more theraband it took in and that it began to pinch the theraband on the top of my shaft between the upper padded claws. So I figured this would not be acceptable so i took the hanger off and re-did the wrap a little tighter I did this several times and the exact same thing kept happening and then I noticed that if kept it like it was (theraband all bunched up between claws) the tighter it got the more my head twisted in the hanger itself. So I finally got the wrap tight enough to wear I though nothing could go wrong without cutting circulation off. But not only did the theraband get stuck in the the claws at the bottom but my skin did as well so I figured that this was enough to end my unsuccessful hanging session. I dont know where I am going wrong, and I am sorry for such the lengthy post but I need to come up with a solution to this problem. I have read a majority of the posts on hanging but I haven’t really come to a solution of all my problems. A side note about my wrapping is that i use a piece of tape to secure the theraband to my shaft this little thing might be what is causing my whole problem. Ill try it out without the tape and maybe I will have a successful hanging session. O I also tried no wrap and i noticed that twisted my head as well.

I just got done watching the hanging video for like the 5th time and I noticed how easy this guy got his unit in hanger I mean he didnt have to force the long screw over the top of the hanger to attach it to the other side, for some reason I cannot do this even with the nuts as almost far apart as they can go. My erect girth used to be 5.5 but is probably less now.

Acutally i have never measured it until just now and its 21 inch but the first wrap i used was 15 and it never covered the whole part of my penis that was exposed to the original hanger so i made a 21 inch wrap and kept with it even after i recieved the starter. Ill try my 15 incher again and see how it goes.

Well I think that helped a little but I learned through trial and error how to minimize the twisting. And tonight happened to be my first successful hanging session with my Bib so I really happy. O I have a question about coldness, how cold is too cold? And how purple is too purple? But anyway I think I fixed the twisting so if I need any more help I guess I will post the problem. Thanks for the help ThunderSS

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