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i hate this wrapping-shi*

i hate this wrapping-shi*

Hello everybody, after a long brake i’m back to PE.

Because uf unstadyness i haven’t been too successfull in PE - but i beliefe that it will work when i keep up doing it.

So i took out my bib yeterday and went for three 20 minutes sets/ 6.6lb without wrapping. that was fine yesterday but today it was really uncomfortable. Otherwise i never found a way for a good wrap as i allways got this slipperige-feeling.

I hate it.

Think i will try it with manual streching and jelquing - hanging doesnt seem to be my thing.



I seriously thought this thread would be about wrapping Christmas presents. :chuckle:

setsuma, don’t give up yet just because you haven’t figured out wrapping. There are tons of guys here that have went through the same troubles as you and have mastered the technique.

Also, how tight are you attaching the hanger? I used to think my wrapping was insufficient because of slippage, but soon discovered it was because the hanger was not tight enough. If the hanger is tight enough, you shouldn’t get too much slippage regardless of your wrapping technique.

setsuma - You apparently have PMs turned off so I couldn’t tell you this in private, but it might help others as well…

I realize that English is not your first language yet you write it very well. Far better than I could write in German. However, it is a bit difficult to read. Can you help us by using the capital letter “I” instead of “i” when you talk about yourself? Also, if you use the “Spell Check” button, located below the text entry box, many of the words you don’t know how to spell can be easily corrected before you post. That will make reading your posts a lot easier. Thanks very much for your understanding.

As far as your wrapping problems go, have you seen the wrapping tutorial?

Welcome back!

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