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I got a problem

I got a problem

All of you know, that I made no gains .. Now I touched, when I’m hanging, my dick, and what do I feel? No stretch in any of the three tubes (corpora cavernosa; singular corpus) but on the top of the Penis, there seems to be something like a thick, steel-feel-like cable (I think it’s the dorsal vein) that takes the whole stress. So I think that I can’t ever make any gains, till this “cable” gets long enough for finally treating the tunica.

NOW I need some good answers from you guys, because if not, I’m giving up PE. Please, tell me what this can be?

Apparently it is the septum, where the two corpora cavernosa meet and join.

It’s a tough cookie that’s for sure. You might want to have a read of SS4Jelq’s progress report. It took him a long time to really affect it but it was worth it in the end, it would seem.

Anyway now you have the word ‘septum’ to add to your search criteria; armed with that you will now have a lot of reading to do!

Ill read it, is hanging anything worth now?


My septum’s a tough bugger as well. I “hang” in a chair with the tension straight out, and I feel the pull primarily in the septum. The septum is especially tough because the left and right tunica and Buck’s fascia all come together there. The parts of your tunica(s) that curve down in the middle form sort of an I-beam with the top parts. All and all, it a lot of tough tissue, and it’s arranged for strength.

And if that weren’t enough, your septum is also the same general location where many fibers of the suspensory ligament attach.

Hanging is probably one of your better options for attacking the septum. I’ve been at it for a couple of weeks, myself. It looks like I’m growing, but, so far, the ruler doesn’t agree :) .

You might also want to try manual stretches. I especially like the ones where you stretch your penis with one hand down and around the wrist of the opposite hand—I think it’s called an A-stretch, but I’m not sure.

I think Wadzilla had a post awhile back about stretching his dick downwardly over the side of a soda bottle. That may be worth a read.

Especially at SS4Jelq

SS4J makes this to kill septum:

“”Use heat on the top of the shaft for the first half of the set,
For the second half, pull the septum ‘apart’ (see pic), as well as doing the v-stretch,
Use kegels and weight swinging if you normally use this (be careful),
Do a few v stretches between sets, as described in the above post.”“

In this picture he takes his thumb and fingers to bend(?) the dick. Ok, so do I have to do this for the rest of the set .. Mkay
I don’t know what weight swinging is, but .. Huh, I can imagine. I hang upper angles, so I can’t do that

The heat story: you mean, that I have to put a heat bottle on the dick while hanging the first 10 minutes? .. Mkay

Last thing: I don’t understand this words: “several sets of fibers working in equilibrium before PE” .. Please tell me in foolwords for a stupid Austrian :)

I’m no SS4 but I’ll have a crack at answering your questions regarding what he said.

Weight swinging is hanging, and gently rocking the weight back and forth. Pretty intense, go carefully.

And yeah, he means heat the top side of your unit during the first half of your set.

And lastly, in plain terms, there are several different collections or types of fibres that together make a seriously tough structure to affect.

LG, There are no “stupid Austrians”.

I lived and studied in Vienna for 2 years; I met plenty of beautiful blondes but none of them seemed “dumb”.

It’s almost impossible to translate this quote, it is taken out of the context,

Nevertheless it sounds like mambo-jumbo.

Use Penimaster for stretching. In circular motion you have complete control of directions.

Captn’s wench is a lot more comfortable than their straps; it is easily attachable to the, whatever you call it, the “front thing”.

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