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I give up.


I give up.

Well I am giving up on PE, It has not worked for me anymore I gained a decent amount since I started logging my stats April 09. I just cannot see myself spending such time cooped up in my apartment hoping my penis will grow more. I plateaued back in July I changed it up and gained a little, now I am stuck no more gains even after adding then removing time to my routine. I also added some weight to my hanging but now I suddenly cannot stop the hanger from slipping to the head and causing a blood filled head that is hard to the touch and uncomfortable.

I was hanging around 3lbs at the beginning then moved to 5lbs stayed there a bit I was feeling very good fatigue daily Sundays off. I then stopped feeling fatigue even after up to 3 hours time a day. I jumped to 7.5 lbs and began to feel fatigue but it is not like the fatigue I felt before. The fatigue I felt before was down near the bottom base of my penis near nut sack. The fatigue I feel now is more on the sides of my penis and it does not feel like its working because hanging slipping to the head no matter how tight it is. I tightened it to the point I became numb down penis and my right leg felt numb too and it still slipped I took it off in frustration.

I adjusted as much as I can and still no help maybe my foreskin finally had enough and is rebellion against my PE. I tried to lower the weight back hanger stays intact but no fatigue and no gains I actually measured a slight loss in my peak size. My erection quality has gone down a bit too. I do not think I suffered an injury I can get hard just as easy, but I feel it is slightly smaller in both length and girth. That just makes me not want to continue hanging. Sorry to post this but I had to get it off my chest as no one knows of my PE and I cant tell anyone.

I will read here and maybe try out some girth routines because I also developed a bit of baseball bat effect in the last few months. I am just most likely done with hanging its just too time consuming and no gains in over 7 months is like a kick in the nuts and to top it off the recent loss in EQ. I was having great EQ until I stopped feeling the fatigue. Sorry for any bad grammar I self learned English after moving to states as a kid with family I spell bad but speak it ok.

P.S I read all the hanging treads a much as I can I just don’t know how else to gain. I am using a bib starter with theraband and ace bandage wrap both about 1”x18” long.

Why don’t you just stick with regular manual routines and maybe add in an extender? You gained almost an inch in less than a year, that is incredible - why stop now? I have read on here that lots of people go through plateaus.

I might just do manual routine and try out an ADS maybe that is my problem I work outdoors and it gets cold. I get turtling due to the cold not sure I can avoid the shrinkage due to the cold outside. If I stick with the manual routine how can I add to base girth the baseball bat effect if getting to me. I know my initial post is negative but its hard for me to think positive at this time. I am not fully giving up on PE just hanging as why I posted this in hanging section. Thanks for the support.

I personally am probably never going to hang - I would much rather use an ADS or an extender. Hanging heavy weights from the dong just doesn’t sit well with me.

I also work outdoors and although it doesn’t get too cold here (mid 20-30s at worst) I find that I have really great flaccid hangs when I wear my ski pants. No matter how cold it is, these things keep my groin really warm. Another great thing about them is that they are baggy so you can fit any type of extender down there without anyone noticing.

Hey bro,

What hanger are you using?

Let`s figure this out.

How many sets have you been hanging per day? Lots of guys have had success without the Bib approach (lots of sets). If you could get in 2-3 sets per day and use an ADS I think you will do good.

However, depending on where you are in your PE-career, you might gain more easily with a manual approach, unless you can do hanging while multitasking anyway.

Hey bigbassman77. Don’t give up yet bro. I think your problem is you aren’t wrapping right so you can handle heavier weight or the hanger you are using may be not be a good one. What kind off hanger and wrap are you using?

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You’ve gained almost an inch in length since April of last year and you’re going to give up?

I wish I could say I have gained a quarter of that in 13 months…

I am sorry about your recent challenges, I do not think you should give up. I understand your frustration but as you know PE is very varied and if a certain method stops working for you there are always means to navigate to another method.

I have had my best gains through pumping, however things stagnated there. However even when gains stopped coming rapidly, working out kept me in shape. I have shifted my PE focus to incorporate more hanging. I have not gained much in more than a year, however I am not giving up. My penis is healthy and that is something worth doing PE for. I have sat down and devised a new strategy which will unleash gains.

I urge you during this rest period to explore other methods which may work for you. All good things in due time.

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Okay, bye.

That’s funny Freder23.

Anyways, I have to say that I was in a similar situation a while back in which I did not believe that hanging was providing any benefit to me. I do have to say that now that I have given it about a 6 month break and now back at it, everything just seems to click now. What I mean by that is that my wrapping quality seems to be a lot higher and I now am able to feel the fatigue that I was looking for before that I was not able to get. Funny thing about that is that I’m able to do so now even with lighter weight. Maybe instead of completely throwing in the towel, you should opt to take a break for a while, do some manual/easy exercises and then re-visit hanging again. I had that same problem with the slippage though and I blame it 1) not wrapping tight enough to handle the extra weight and 2) I did not clamp my clamp tight enough. Again, now that I have gone back to hanging, all of that is in the past. I’m going for the long haul.

Just do some light PE as your daily routine, similar to your routine for brushing your teeth and other stuff. Just do some stuff in the shower and don’t make it an obsession for a while.

Come here for the knowledge and fun ;)

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Well I am using the bib starter with the above mentioned 1”x18” theraband and same size ace bandage as under wrap. I can multitask in the morning when I do 3 sets of 20 minutes at my computer, and 2 sets in the afternoon at work desk then 1 set at night before bed. I would say the average total sets in a week is 36 sets of 20 minutes total 12 hours a week. I hang Monday threw Saturday, Sundays off no PE at all Sundays. I took a 2 month decon break back in September 09 and started again December 1st 09. Oh and I am using a pulley system bolted to bottom of desk and it pulls pretty much anywhere from between legs to upwards depending how I learn in my chair.

I am thinking of Renholder’s advice less sets and a good ADS now what ADS will work well on a guy with a good amount of foreskin? I have little research done on any ADS which I should have done a long time ago when gains stopped. Anyways again thanks for the support minus the troll you guys are awesome the best on any forum I have ever belonged too.

I forgot to add I am doing 80 jelqs after each session of hanging that’s 240 jelqs a day. I do 40 overhand and 40 underhand each.

Well I just found something in this thread titled hard gainers, I think I might be on to something. I did what that picture shows on and off during hanging and I got very fatigued. I notice that what I believe is the septum is very tough and stretched out while the rest of my penis more relaxed. Could doing that press possible help me? I will try this at 5lbs since it fatigued my penis greatly just off 5lbs and 2 sets of 20 min.

Hard-gainers Look Here

Sounds like you are on a routine that should give you gains. Have you considered switching to another angle? Adding fulcrums like you linked to could also be useful.

As for an ADS, I`m currently looking into buying one myself. I use an Xleeve, but I think that one is more like a traction wrap, even though there is some pull.

Personally, I think I will order golf weights from Monty. Foreskin should not be an issue with either.

I`ll make a thread on how I attach the hanger. The fact that you are having issues with such a light weight (not saying you should hang with higher weights), tells me that you are doing something wrong.

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