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I found something very odd. And possibly bad.

I found something very odd. And possibly bad.

I was hanging last night and I leaned forward off my chair to pick up my TV remote. So while I was bent over I was hanging straight out. It felt odd because I haven’t done it before so I started feeling my penis. I felt Behind my balls like where the hidden shaft is there. and I felt a very very very hard chord. Like where my tunica is but the chord is only like the size of a thick string. It feels like it is taking all of the stretch. it almost feels like a lig but way harder. what does this mean? do I need to do fulcrum hanging to stretch it? Or will lig stretching still get me gains?

Current size. Nbpel 7.00 Bpel 7.7 Eg 5.3 Fl 5.1


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